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  Business Information Systems Management Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Alex Citurs

The business information systems management minor (BIS management minor) focuses on how information systems are used to improve organizational performance and transform basic business structures appropriately. The minor is designed to develop and enhance skill sets needed for current or future careers across discipline fields and industries. The flexibility in this minor enables students to acquire information systems skills most relevant to their career paths, major programs of study or secondary areas of interest.

Upon completion of the minor, a student will be able to analyze, design, and manage information systems and associated processes in a wide variety of organizations. This minor provides students with valuable skills and knowledge in the management of information systems resources, which constitute up to a third of the total assets of businesses and organizations today. The minor requires 18 credits and is suitable for any Eastern student, including transfer and non-traditional students. At least four of the courses below should be taken at Eastern.

BIS MInor allows flexible combinations that complement many majors providing Great Job Opportunities
The BIS Minor is designed to incorporate a variety of BIS elective courses to select from that will provide the matching complementary information systems and technology skills for several majors (i.e. Accounting, Business Administration, Communication, Computer Science, Digital Art, Economics, and more) and discipline concentrations.
Learn about BIS minor elective courses that complement various majors and concentrations.

I. Three Core Courses (9 credits)
Subject Courses Title Credits
BUS 205 Information Management (Prereq: LAC-T1M) 3
361 or
Business Information Systems and Web Technologies or
Systems and Operations (these are cross-listed) (Prereq: BUS 205 recommended)
BIS 370 Systems Analysis and Design (Prereq: BIS/BUS 361 or corequisite) 3
II. One of the following courses (3 credits)
ACC 201 Principles of Accounting 1 3
BUS 201 Principles of Management 3
BUS 225 Principles of Marketing (ECO 201 recommended) 3
BUS 245 Business Finance (Prereq: MAT 101 or higher and ACC 201) 3
BUS 260 Operations Management (Prereq: MAT 216 or ECO 215 or Equivalent) 3
III. Two of the following courses (6 or 7 credits)
BIS 364 Introduction to Social Informatics (prereq: BUS 205) 3
BIS 365 Emerging Technologies and Business Applications (prereq: BUS 205) 3
BIS 375 Electronic Commerce (Prereq: BIS/BUS 361) 3
BIS 377 Organizational Website and Database Management (Prereq: BIS 370) 4
BIS 430 Enterprise Resource Planning and E-Business  (Prereq: BIS 370) 3
BIS 440 Business Data Communications and E-networks (Prereq: BIS 370) 3
BIS 442 Information Technology Project Management (Prereq: BIS 361 with BIS 370 recommended) 3
BIS 447 Business Intelligence and Data Solutions (Prereq: BIS 377 or permission) 3
BIS 462 Seminar in Healthcare Informatics (LAC - T2IT like BUS 205) 3
ACC 420 Accounting Information Technology & Business Solutions (Prereq: ACC 302 & ACC 310) 3
BUS 445 Case Studies in Financial Mgmt. Using Electronic Spreadsheets (Prereq: BUS 245) 3
BUS 469 Seminar in Special Topics (E-business) 3

Optional BIS 490 Internship available to replace BUS 490 Internship for Business Administration and Accounting majors with permission.

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