BEST Fest Student Instructions

BEST Fest – Student Instructions
(Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013 – Snow Day Friday, Feb. 22nd)

Individual students or student teams with a member who earning one of the majors or minors listed below may exhibit an experiential learning project in the format of a poster display, computer presentation, website, or interactive computer technology tool in one of the various project categories listed below:

Project Competition Categories:
Startup Business Proposal
Business Plan Competition
Business Project Design
Financial Analysis of Firm
Industry-Sector Economic Analysis
Firm-Product Economic Analysis
Financial Stock Sector Analysis
Personal Financial Analysis Tools
Project or Product Line Viability Financial Analysis
Marketing Research Analysis
Market Sector Analysis
Marketing Campaign Proposal/Plan
Business Strategic Analysis
Organization Information Management Project
Organizational Systems Analysis
Organizational Web Presence Site
Organizational Technology Strategy Plan
Emerging Technology Application
Organizational Database-Web Application

Student Majors or Minors:
Business Administration
Business Information Systems
Social Informatics
Labor Relations and Human Resource Management
Computer Science

Registering for BEST Fest:
Please fill out the registration application form using the following link to enter your project into BEST Fest (Applications are due by Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 at Noon).

Registration Form(s):
Companies can register through the BEST Fest Company page.

Students can register through this form.

Alternately, you may complete a paper-based BEST Fest Project Participation Registration Form.

For further information, please visit the FAQ page.

Poster Display Boards:
You may obtain a standup exhibit display board from the Department of Business Administration Office (Webb 423). The boards are 36 inches high and a total width of 48 inches, with the center panel being 24” wide by 36” high and the left and right foldout wings each being 12” wide and 36” high.

Note: Please try not to use a font smaller than 28 points in your display.

Computer Software and/or Website Presentation:
You will need to provide your own laptop. Be sure to have your laptop’s battery fully charged or bring an AC adapter and power cord with you. Power-strips are available for your laptop’s adapter. However, please indicate on your exhibit submission that you need electrical power. The Student Center has wireless Internet access available as well as Ethernet cable connections to the various Eastern networks. If you need Ethernet access to a network, please indicate that on your exhibit submission form.

Focus of Your Project:
Your exhibit should be focused upon an experiential learning experience while at Eastern. Your project should be something you did, or are doing for a course, volunteer work/project, or as part of an internship/co-op. Your exhibit should concisely provide a brief background history of the organizational setting, an overview of the purpose of the project and/or system, include appropriate analysis, a detailed summary report and/or system methodologies used, and applications, tools, or websites created and the associated key findings.

General Project Presentation Guidelines:
Remember to use fonts in your display that are easy to read when standing four feet away (typically 28 point or larger). Pick background and font colors and styles that are pleasing to the eye as well. Include a conclusion slide that summarizes the main outcomes of the project and study. Include pictures, charts, and graphs that visually explain the project or findings. Be prepared to step through your project or demo your application, site, or tool to the judges and other individuals visiting your exhibit. Feel free to ask the organizational representatives for their business cards. Keep track of how many resumes and business cards you give out.

Things to Give Representatives of Organizations:
Come prepared with at least 15 copies of your resume and business cards.

Resume Writing Workshops are also available right before the Best Fest.
Resume Writing Guidelines
Resume Workshop Schedule

On your business cards, be sure to have your name, the general type of position you are looking for (discipline, career path, full-time or internship/co-op) your major(s), minor(s) and concentrations(s) and GPA’s if over 3.0. You may briefly summarize some of your key skill sets, experiences and awards on the backside of the business card – but leave some space for the organization representative to add notes of their own about talking with you or your project exhibit.

What to Wear:
Formal business attire is required. For men this means a suit, dress shirt, tie and dress shoes or at least a formal blazer, dress pants, dress shirt and tie. For women this means a woman’s suit/jacket/dress, skirt/slacks, blouse, and dress shoes.

Thursday February 21, 2011 12:30 to 6:00 PM (Snow Day: Friday, February 22, 2013)

  • Arrive at Tipton Room of Student Center by 1:15 PM
  • Check in at Student Registration Desk
  • Pick up name tag and exhibit tag number and find assigned exhibit location
  • Set up display, have resumes and business cards available
  • Have someone staff your exhibit/display from 2 PM until 5:00 PM to:
    • Answer questions
    • Give out exhibit handouts
    • Share resumes and/or business cards with interested organizations
  • Take down Exhibit 5:00 to 5:30 PM
  • Complete and turn in post event survey at BEST Fest Info table before leaving

When Leaving the BEST Fest:
Take your display and/or laptop computer and any extra copies of your resume and business cards home with you. You must complete the BEST Fest – Post Event Survey, which will ask you questions such as to how many organizations/representatives you spoke with, how many resumes and business cards you distributed to non-students, what valuable feedback concerning your exhibit did you receive, and whether you thought the event was useful for you in your career development and search process.