BEST Fest Student FAQ

BEST Fest FAQ for Students

1. What is BEST Fest?
BestFest is an opportunity for students in certain majors to compete in up to 3 of 18 categories listed on the previous page. Organizations from across the State of Connecticut will be attending and voting on their favorite exhibits. Students will have the opportunity to speak with these representatives about opportunities in their respective organizations. Be sure to bring your resumes and business cards!

2. What are the event details?
Date: Thursday Feb. 21, 2013, snow date is Friday Feb. 22, 2013.
Time: Set-up is from 12:30-1:45; display time is from 2:00-5:00. Awards ceremony is at 5pm.
Location: Betty Tipton Room, Student Center

To participate, you must have a major or minor in the following areas:
Business Administration
Business Information Systems
Computer Science
Social Informatics
Labor Relations/ HR Management

3. Does it cost anything?
There is no registration fee. The only cost you may incur is for your display supplies.

4. Why should I participate?
This is an excellent opportunity! Awards look great on a resume, and you can network with representatives to secure an interview, a position, or an internship/co-op opportunity. With over 180 invited organizations, opportunities abound!

5. Are there any restrictions for my exhibit?
Yes! There will only be two displays per 6ft. table. So your display must fit on the table in a 36in by 30in area. It may not be taller than 48in. You may request power and Ethernet connections on your registration.

You may use a project you have already completed (in the course of your studies and experiences at Eastern or during an internship) or you may create a new project. Whichever you choose, we recommend using your imagination to attract organizations to your table and votes to win. Be sure to get feedback on your project material and exhibit from others!

6. Will I be excused from class for this event?
Yes! Just remember to inform your instructor before you miss class and to pick up an excusal form before you leave the event.

7. How do I register?
Please visit to register.