Advising Resources Available to Department of Business Administration Students

Students in the Department of Business Administration have a wide variety of advising resources available
to them both provided by the department and the university at large.

Prospective and First Year Student Advising Issues:

For prospective students, first year students at Eastern, and students not having yet declared a major, who are interested in one of Eastern’s Department of Business Administration’s major or minor programs,

Susan Heyward
Prospective and First Year Students Using the Advising Center – Dir. Susan Heyward – (video)

General Use of Academic Service Center for Business, Accounting and BIS Majors:

Carol White, Advisement Assistant, discusses the academic advising services provided by the Advising Center for students already having declared their majors in the Department of Business Administration. Some of these services include the following:

  • Academic appeals for obtaining transfer credit for courses taken at another institution for classes not in the disciplines of
    Business, Accounting and BIS
  • Obtaining special permission to take classes at another institution
  • Questions regarding Liberal Art Core Curriculum or General Educational Requirements.
  • Issues related to academic probation

Carol White
General Services of the Advising Center – Asst. Carol White – (video)

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum and Majoring in Business, Accounting and Economics:

The Department of Business Administration majors draw upon Eastern’s strong liberal arts base and tightly integrate well-rounded reasoning and understanding that from the humanities, the physical and social sciences, and the arts. Dr. Margaret Martin, Executive Assistant to the President for Planning, discusses the reasoning of Eastern’s liberal arts education base, Eastern’s Liberal Arts Core
(LAC) Curriculum, and how they integrate well with the goals and objectives of students pursuing majors and/or minors in the Department of Business Administration.Learn more about the Liberal Arts Core (LAC) CurriculumApproved LAC Tier Category Courses:Learn which courses are in each Liberal Arts Core Curriculum Required Category

Courses Fulfilling Both LAC Category and Major Requirements (“Double Counts”):

For each major at Eastern, two courses may be designated from LAC Tier 1 and Tier 2 Categories that both satisfy the respective LAC Category requirement and a requirement of the major. The LAC Tier 3 – Liberal Arts Culminating Experience (capstone course) is one designated to draw upon a student’s liberal arts learning and experiences at Eastern and integrate it with a course in or related to their major. Thus, this course may also be designated as a “double count” course.

For the Department of Business Administration majors, the three respective “double counts” are the following:

  • LAC Tiers 1 and 2 – “Double Counts”
    • Accounting:
      ECO 200 – Macroeconomics (LAC Tier 1 – Social Sciences)
      ECO 201 – Microeconomics (LAC Tier 2 – Individuals and Society)
    • Business Administration:
      ECO 201 – Microeconomics (LAC Tier 2 – Individuals and Society)
      BUS 205 – Information Management (LAC Tier 2 – Applied Information Technology)
    • Business Information Systems:
      ECO 201 – Microeconomics (LAC Tier 2 – Individuals and Society)
      BUS 205 – Information Management (LAC Tier 2 – Applied Information Technology)
    • Labor Relations and Human Resource Management:
      No specific courses have been designated yet for “Double Counts”
  • LAC Tier 3 – “Double Counts” – Liberal Arts Culminating Experience (integrating LAC with major)
      • Accounting:
        ACC 411 – Contemporary Issues in Accounting (W3*)
      • Business Administration:
        BUS 301 – Business Ethics (W3*)
      • Business Information Systems:
        BIS 377 – Organizational Website & Database Management (official Service Learning course) (W3*)

    Note:W3*=Writing Intensive Course

Margeret Martin
Liberal Arts Foundation and LAC Curriculum – Dr. Margeret Martin, Exec. Assistant to President – (video)

Time Management Strategies

Department of Business Administration students have a variety of competing time demands placed upon them: academic, work, professional development as well as extracurricular activities and family obligations. Paul Serignese, Assistant Housing Director, discusses the importance of effective time management for university students and brings out a number of effective strategies to more effectively manage one’s time and university resources available to help with time management.

Paul Serignese
Management for Business, Accounting, and BIS Majors – Assistant Director Paul Serignese – (video)

Business Key Planner

All students majoring in the Department of Business Administration have access to the “Business Advisor Key Planner”, which is available online through WebCT/VISTA. This online and interactive resource has specific advising information concerning department policies, plans of studies worksheets and suggested sequences, suggested course and career strategies, interactive planning tools, and information on a variety of other advising and career planning questions that are relevant to students enrolled in majors within the department. Dr. Alex Citurs – Business Information Systems discusses a number of important features of the “Key Planner” and basic strategies for academic success in the various business programs.
Please see the Key Planner webpage for specific information on the Business Key Planner

Alex Citurs
Business Advisor Key Planner and Academic Strategies – Dr. Alex Citurs, Business Administration – (video)

Advise on Getting a Job and/or Graduate School

There are a variety of resources available to Eastern Department of Business Administration students for obtaining internships and co-ops as well as permanent positions. These resources are described a number of other pages within the department’s website. However, a variety of career experts at Eastern, discuss available career resources and potential strategies on finding the right job, graduate school considerations, and long-term career strategies, in the following video clips:
John Sweeney
Long-Term Career Strategies – John Sweeney – Associate VP Finance & Administration – (video)

Nancy DeCrescenzo
Career Services for Juniors & Seniors – Nancy DeCrescenzo – Dir. Career Services Program Coordinator – (video)

Elizabeth Scott
Considering Graduate School? – Dr. Elizabeth Scott – Masters of Organizational Management – (video)

Rhona Free
Career and Job Considerations – Dr. Rhona Free – VP of Academic Affairs – (video)

Faculty Advisors

All students that select Business Administration, Accounting, and Business Information Systems as their primary major are assigned a faculty advisor within the Department of Business Administration. Shortly after entering Eastern and declaring a major, students are encouraged to schedule a meeting with their faculty advisor. Department faculty members have office hours, which are posted on their office doors or found on their departmental faculty webpage. Department faculty members encourage students to come prepared to their advising meetings by going through the checklist for “Meeting with Your Advisor” found in the “Business Key Planner” in WebCT/VISTA and is available to students majoring in the department. Please see the “Business Key Planner” on how to find out who is your faculty advisor. Please feel free to stop in and seek help from a Department of Business Administration student worker (Peer Advocate) in Webb Hall 423.

Internship Coordinator

Students pursuing majors in the Department of Business Administration have multiple work experience gaining opportunities and Internship Programs options.For detail information and advice on these options, please contact:
Karen Crowley, Department of Business Administration’s Internship Coordinator University Assistant:, (860) 465-4627. Department of Business Administration Office: Webb Hall 423
More information on the Internship Programs

Department Peer Advocates

Often obtaining help, suggestions, and insights of other students in your program of studies can prove beneficial. In this sense student workers in the Department of Business Administration have been trained to provide suggestions to students on a variety of academic and major related issues.Please feel free to seek their help in Webb 423 on issues such as:

  1. Do I have the necessary paper work to meet with my advisor?
  2. How do I complete my four year plan?
  3. Does this resume look good enough to show my advisor or career services?
  4. How do I print my Degree Evaluation Report?
  5. Does my draft schedule for next semester look good?

and many other academic advisement related issues.

Peer Advocates are available at the following times:
Monday – Thursday: 8 AM to 5 PM
Friday : 10 AM to 3 PM

Computer Lab Help Sessions

Some department courses require special software applications. Some Department of Business Administration faculty offer regularly scheduled outside of class-time “Computer Lab Help Sessions” in the computer classroom labs where the software is installed.Please contact your course instructors for dates and times for the extra computer help sessions that they or course related tutors may be offering. Most “Computer Lab Help Sessions” are held in Webb 407 or 307 with a few held in Science 115 or other locations.For technical, information systems, or software learning help, please set up an appointment with Learning Specialist Adam Nogaj or with BIS and BUS student Peer Tutors located in the Academic Services Center Library 107.
Academic Services Center’s hours

Advisement Sessions and Meetings

The Department of Business Administration holds semi-annual group advisement meeting sessions with students in the department programs during the Fall and Spring Semesters based upon the students’ academic stage of progress: First Year/Sophomore or Junior/Senior.Please look for emails and announcements concerning the dates, times and locations of these events.Plus, students may schedule individual meetings with their department faculty advisor any week of the semester or stop in during the faculty advisor’s weekly office hours.

Career Development Support, Activities and Events

The Department of Business Administration provides career development support for its students in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Department affiliated student clubs’ related activities:
    • Sponsor Resume Writing Workshops
    • Hold Discipline Specific Cover Letter Writing Workshops
    • Host Practice Interview Etiquette Dinners
    • Invite Corporate Guest Speakers on Career Opportunities
    • Make Corporate Center Visits
    • Attend Professional Development Seminars and Conferences
    • Sponsor Career Recruiting Fairs and Exhibit Events
    • Company/Have career insite sessions with recent alumni
  • Department faculty:
    • Provide career path advising
    • Review resumes and cover letters
    • Sponsor program internships
    • Serve as references for job interviews and graduating students
    • Advise students as to career path prospects
    • Invite industry experts to guest speak at classes and special events
  • Department Career Support Resources:
    • Provide career advise, strategies, and materials on resumes, job searches and interviewing strategies and hints in the Internship and Career section of the Business Key Planner in the Blackboard computer accounts of department major students.
    • Relay career recruiting material from employers and graduate programs to students.
  • Department Sponsored or Affiliated Events:
    • Fall Accounting-Business Career Fair
    • Innovations & Entrepreneurship Day
    • BEST Fest – Student Business Experiential Skills & Technology Exhibit and Competition
    • Excellence Expo and Corporate Social Mixer.

Academic Services Center

The Academic Service Center is located on the ground floor of the Smith Library (Room 107) and houses the Advising Center, Tutoring Services (all subjects) and the STEP/CAP Program, the Mathematics Achievement Center (the “MAC” for math tutoring) and the Writing Center (for writing help).The Academic Service Center offers convenient hours Mondays-Thursdays (8:00 AM to 9:00 PM), Fridays (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) and Sundays (2:00 PM to 9:00 PM). The Academic Services Center phone number is (860) 465-4272.

Follow this link to see ASC hours and tutor availability

Academic Advising Center

The Advising Center phone number is (860) 465-4526 and is located on the ground floor of the Smith Library (Room 109). The Advising Center coordinates the advisement services for the registration process of new and continuing students. In addition, the Advisement Center provides students with information and assistance regarding academic-related matters, handles students’ academic appeals for courses outside a student’s major program, and provides academic support services to all first year students, students not having yet declared a major, and probationary students.Students having declared their major in Business Administration, Accounting, or Business Information Systems, will be assigned a faculty advisor within the Department of Business Administration and should contact their faculty advisor or the Department of Business Administration [Webb 423 or (860) 465-5265] with specific major related advising questions.
More information regarding the Advising Center

Tutoring Services & STEP/CAP

The Department of Business Administration works closely with the Tutoring Services (located in the Academic Services Center in Room 107 on the ground floor of the Library) on having multiple tutors available during the week for courses in all three department majors (business, accounting, and BIS). These business-related discipline student tutors have been recommended by business department faculty
because of their high level of academic performance and solid student interaction and explanation skills.Tutors are also available for university LAC and GER courses through the Tutoring Services Office in the Academic Services Center as well.Tutoring Services provide students with Academic Coaches for Excellence (ACES) to assist students who request help in a particular subject or course. All subjects are included.The Center’s service offerings include tutoring support, one-to-one assistance in a variety of content areas, and experiences that enhance skills development, time management, and provide academic support in other ways. All program offerings are designed to assist students to achieve their full potential at the college level.

For general questions about tutoring services, please contact:
Dr. Shelly Gimenez – Director of Tutoring Service:, (860) 465-5195.

Current semester’s schedule of tutors
Schedule an appointment with a tutor

Mathematics Achievement Center (MAC)

The MAC is a math tutoring service offered by the Mathematics Department. The MAC is located in the Academic Services Center (Library 107). It operates under the direction of Dr. Kim Ward. Dr. Ward coordinates the student tutors all of whom are selected for their math ability by the Math Dept. Math faculty will also be staffing the MAC.For general questions about the Mathematics Achievement Center, please contact:
Dr. Kim Ward:, (860) 465-4544.The MAC also has a direct phone line at (860) 465-0383.
For schedule and additional information, see the MAC web site: Math Achievement Center website

Current semester’s schedule of math tutors

To see a tutor, no appointment is necessary.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a writing support service staffed by specially trained student tutors. The tutors are selected by the English Dept. for their writing ability and their interest in helping other students with writing assignments. The Writing Center is located in the Academic Services Center (Library 107). The Writing Center is directed by Dr. Rita Malenczyk.

For general questions about the Writing Center, please contact:
Dr. Malenczyk:, 860-465-4573.
Writing Center Site
You may directly call the Writing Center at 860-465-0382.

Office of Career Services(career counseling and development)

Academic Services Center