Advising FAQ

Business Department Program – Majors in General

(Accounting, Business Administration, Business Information Systems)

What is the minimum GPA needed to qualify for my major’s Internship Program?

Your cumulative GPA must be over 2.7 to qualify to enter your major’s Internship Program.

How many credit hours do I need to receive a major?

You must have a minimum of 24 credit hours residence in Eastern’s the Dept. of Business Administration to receive a major from the Department (Accounting, Business Admin., or BIS). Only one upper-level elective for a concentration may be transferred to Eastern.

How many/Which credits do I need to earn while attending Eastern?

A minimum of 30 credits towards your degree must be earned at Eastern, unless you have a specific course(s) exemption(s) approved by Academic Advising Center. You must have completed 24 credits in your Business Dept. major while attending Eastern. A minimum of 6 credits in each minor must be completed at Eastern. There are higher minimum residency requirements for the following minors:

  • Social Informatics – 12
  • Healthcare Informatics – 12
  • Business Information Systems Management – 12

What are Eastern’s writing requirement options for my major/minor?

The papers you submit as part of your “Writing Competency Portfolio” must have the course’s instructor’s name, feedback and the grade earned on them.

Can I count the same elective course towards two concentrations within a major?

No, you can not officially count the same elective course towards two concentrations within a major. You must have 9 unique credits within each concentration that are not used for another major, minor, concentration, or LAC Tier requirement.

What is the deadline for the Spring/Fall/Summer Internship (or co-op)?

Submit your major’s internship program’s application by the deadline in the preceding semester.
(Please contact the Dept. of Business Administration Office (860)465-4627 for specific application form & handout.)

Spring Internship Deadline (approximately) October 1st
Fall Internship Deadline (approximately) April 1st
Summer Internship/Co-op Deadline (approximately) April 1st

What should I look out for regarding long prerequisite chains?

Students should remember to do all prerequisite chains in sequence. See the following links to view a chart of each major’s prerequisite chain:

Will my advisor and/or professor write me a recommendation letter for a graduate school program or career/internship positions?

It depends upon how you have done in class(es) etc. Ask them ahead of time and supply them with a copy of your degree evaluation, transcript, resume, any reference form, graduate program description and reference form, or internship/career job description.

Accounting Major

How many high level (300 level or higher) Accounting courses can I transfer to Eastern?

No more than 2 high level (300 Level/or higher) Accounting courses may be transferred in from outside of Eastern.

When should I get involved in an internship?

For the semester/summer when you have completed at least 90 credits, all of your Business Core courses and most of LACs/GERs, and have 30 or less credits left in your major. You can do co-ops before you have completed 90 credits.

Business Administration Major

Is there a minimum GPA requirement for this major?

If you let your current GPA drop below 2.7 for two consecutive semesters, you will be dismissed from the major. If you have over 60 credits you must declare another major. You may be re-admitted to the major when your cumulative GPA gets back above the 2.7 minimum.

What is required to take/register for BUS 431?

You must have taken and passed the Business Competency Exam, which is administered by Dept. of Business Administration Office staff members and you must have successfully completed BUS 351.
(Please contact the Dept. of Business Administration Office (860-465-5265) to schedule a date and time to take the exam.)

What requirements are needed for the International Business Perspective course?

For requirements, please see the Business Major – International Perspectives Requirement page.

Are there any required courses in the Marketing Concentration?

If you wish to have a Marketing Concentration you MUST complete BUS 428 – Marketing Research.

Business Information Systems Major

Is there a minimum GPA requirement for the BIS major?

If you let your current GPA drop below 2.5 for two consecutive semesters, you will be dismissed from the major. You may apply for re-admissions after your cumulative GPA gets back above 2.5

What are the credit requirements for the BIS major?

A total of 61 credits is required in the major, with 43 credits in the common BIS core requirements, 9 credits of BIS electives, and 24 credits of BIS taken at Eastern.

Which courses should I keep an eye on while planning my semester course load?

Watch out for BIS courses only offered once a year! See the major worksheet:

Any advice/requirements concerning BIS internships?

Contact your BIS faculty/advisor one semester prior to wanting to do your Internship. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for the BIS Internship. Starting paid Internships in BIS are encouraged as the summer before Junior year