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Accounting Major:
(BA) Degree Requirements

To graduate with a bachelor of science degree in Accounting, a total of 57 credits will be required in the major, consisting of 9 credits of related course requirements, 18 credits of common accounting core requirement and 30 credits of advanced accounting study. A minimum of 24 semester hours of the advanced accounting requirements must be completed in residence at Eastern.

Students majoring in Accounting are exempt from GER Category IVB through successful completion of ECO 200 or ECO 201. LAC-T1SS and LAC-T2IS are satisfied by successful completion of ECO 200 and ECO 201!

Transfer students with more than 30 credits should consult with the department chairperson as early as possible.

All B.S. Accounting majors must complete the following courses:

Related Course Requirements
Subject Course Title
ECO 200 Principles of Economics (Satisfies LAC - T1SS)
ECO 201 Principles of Economics (Satisfies LAC - T2IS)
ECO 215 Statistics for Business and Economics
Common Business Core Requirements
Subject Course Title
ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I
BUS 201 Principles of Management
BUS 225 Principles of Marketing
BUS 245 Finance
BUS 250 Business Law I
BUS 300 Business Law II
Advanced Accounting Requirements
Subject Course Title
ACC 301 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 302 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 303 Intermediate Accounting III
ACC 310 Cost Accounting I
ACC 311 Advanced Managerial Accounting
ACC 410 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACC 411 Contemporary Issues In Accounting
ACC 412 Auditing
ACC 416 Federal Individual Taxation
ACC 420 Accounting Information Technology and Business Solutions
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