William Kelly ’82

In a dual upper management role for Bank New York Mellon involving international investment, Bill Kelly oversees a financial portfolio that even the folks in the government in Washington would consider “real money.” As Deputy Director of Securities Lending for the worldwide banking giant, he is responsible for $300 billion of business activity. In his related job of Global Head of Client Management, he makes sure the various national central banks, pension funds, foundations and endowments, financial institutions and other major institutional investors that are the bank’s clients are satisfied because the investment professionals he supervises are doing their jobs well.

Think of BNY Mellon as an international financial management firm, much closer to a Wall Street investment bank than a local commercial bank. Lending a range of securities on behalf of its clients offers institutional investors a range of advantages, from opportunities for short term profit with a lower down side to diversification to risk management, as Bill explains his specialty. In the course of rising and performing at this level of upper management for the bank, he has traveled to nearly 30 countries as well as around the United States.

You don’t get to this highly responsible position in business by dumb luck, and Bill gives much of the credit to where he is today to his choice of Eastern. He met his wife, classmate Elizabeth Kelly, here, but his gratitude to Eastern extends beyond that.

“I feel strongly that my experience at Eastern, through my good fortune of the people I was able to meet and that influenced me, has left a lasting impression on me,” he said. He added he has tried to impart those positive experiences on their children as they are going through the same time in their lives, or about to. It has apparently taken. In early 2013, older son Andrew was a senior at Trinity College majoring in Economics, daughter Alexandra a sophomore at Syracuse University studying Biomedical Engineering, and younger son Nicholas was at Fairfield Prep – the Kelly’s live in Fairfield – playing soccer and lacrosse.

Bill keeps ties to Eastern to the degree he can as a New York commuter and Fairfield County resident. He and his brother John Kelly ’84 were key players on the Eastern soccer teams of the early 1980s, and have been key supporters of men’s soccer program in recent years.

Bill attended a couple of 2012 Eastern games, including traveling to Williams College to see Eastern play St. Lawrence University in the first round of the NCAA men’s tournament. He was active in Fairfield youth soccer for more than a decade as his kids were growing up and playing.