Marc Freeman ’93

Ph’D ’99, Yale University Member of Teaching Faculty; UMASS Medical School “At graduate school I sat next to students who had graduated from Harvard and MIT, and I found they hadn’t had as much opportunity to work with professors or in the lab as I had. That’s how good the Eastern program is.”

“Eastern has a wonderfully diverse campus. My freshman year I roomed with twins from Italy, and I later had two students from Pakistan as roommates. It was a great experience, and you learn a great deal about other cultures and how people do things around the world.”

“I think Eastern is the best educational value for your dollar I can think of. It has a small college atmosphere, top-notch faculty, and opens the door to huge opportunities. I have two young sons. If I had to pick between a larger university, even a prestigious one, and Eastern — it’s an easy choice.”

“I would not be where I am today if it were not for Professor Mike Adams. He got me involved in research when I was a freshman. And I spent three and a half years working side-by-side in the lab with him. And you know what? It is an experience every Eastern student can have.”