Dr. Michael P. Johnson ’97

Dr. Michael P. Johnson ’97 is an oral surgeon with Hamden-Shoreline Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, P.C. of Hamden, Guilford, and Clinton. His occupation offers something new, interesting and rewarding every day, and Dr. Johnson enjoys the surgical and intellectual challenges he is continually faced with. Since he began, Johnson has seen drastic changes in his field with the integration of computers, the Internet and advanced electronics with patient care. What was once done through paper charts is now done electronically. “Virtually all patient orders in the hospital are done electronically, reports are submitted electronically, radiography is digital, and almost everything can be easily accessed through one of the many computer stations in the hospital.”

Dr. Johnson’s liberal arts education has no doubt helped him in his career. “The education I received at Eastern shaped and defined my critical thinking skills, communication skills and creative abilities. I certainly feel that this is essential for lifelong learning and effective communication with patients and colleagues.” Support from Eastern’s science faculty encouraged Dr. Johnson to look for educational opportunities outside of the classroom. His most memorable moment at Eastern was his trip to Bermuda with Biology Professors Mike Gable, Ross Koning and Charles Booth. “At the crack of dawn we were out and about, studying tropical biology, pursuing our own little research projects and making good friends.”