Gail Gelburd

Professor of Art History Gail Gelburd has curated more than 20 exhibitions in eight countries, focusing on non-Eurocentric contemporary art and the intersection of art, politics and spirituality. In addition to her own research in India and Japan, she has also led student tours of Cuba.

Denise Matthews

A documentary filmmaker who has won 14 national video production awards and directed more than 100 video productions, Communication Professor Denise Matthews’ video production students have also won state and national awards for their TV advertisements, documentary films and educational videos.

Branko Cavarkapa

Business Administration Professor Branko Cavarkapa’s research and consulting work has been in the areas of international marketing, advertising and market research. He also serves as a reviewer for several academic journals and has published articles in marketing journals in Europe and the United States.

Jeffrey Trawick-Smith

Early Childhood Education Professor Jeffrey Trawick-Smith is an expert on young children’s play. “It seems like a frivolous area of study, but play is one of the most important things children do. It is one of the best predictors we have of later social and intellectual development.”

Olugbenga Ayeni

Associate Professor of Communication Olugbenga Ayeni‘s advertising students have won statewide communication competitions about the dangers of underage drinking. “Students learn faster and better when they are able to put the theories they learned in the classroom into practice.”

Peter Bachiochi

Psychology Professor Peter Bachiochi was named “2012 Humanitarian of the Year” by the Willimantic Lions Club International. He focuses his teaching and research on the workplace, and has been faculty advisor to Eastern’s Habitat for Humanity student organization for more than a decade.

Margaret Letterman

Psychology Professor Margaret Letterman uses the “shock and awe” approach to teaching biological psychology. This means “presenting amazing neuropsychological phenomena when students are blissfully unaware of their existence, and introducing the constant change/repudiation/improvement of previously held knowledge.”

Kim Dugan

Professor of Sociology Kim Dugan’s research focuses on social movements and sexuality. She has written about the LGBT movement and the Christian Right, helped develop Eastern’s Pride Room and serves as advisor for the Pride Alliance.

Chase Rozelle

Theatre Technology Professor Chase Rozelle’s classes feature practical hands-on exercises. His experiential learning-based teaching results in students regularly obtaining leadership roles in department theatre productions, positions in professional theatres as pre- and post-graduates, and admission to graduate schools.