After the trip students’ reflections

BUS-463 “Seminar in International Business”
International Business in an International Setting:
Global Field Trip to Barcelona and Madrid, Spain
May 2017
Faculty in charge
Dr. Emiliano C. Villanueva

After the trip students’ reflections

Evann Goss-Lemelle
“As I sat down to organize my thoughts on visiting Spain and experiencing a culture wildly different from my own, I came to an impasse. It would be wholly impossible to convey the impact this trip had on me with a Wikipedia-esque description. From beginning to end I was constantly met with one moment of amazement after another. I would not say I experienced anything like a culture shock, likely since I was not there for very long. I did have the opportunity to see what equated in my mind as a completely different world.”
“In all honesty, I was apprehensive about the Idea of going to Spain, it was just never on my list of places to visit. After going, I can say with complete honesty that it has completely changed my life, and way of thinking. I figured that it would just be pointlessly stressful trying to communicate with people whose language I didn’t know. I figured that people would look at me as just another typical American asshole out on holiday, looking over the locals and just acting like someone with no common sense. I was wrong about everything. Everyone, everywhere I went was social, and very understanding about the language barrier. Though most people spoke English, even the ones that didn’t tried to make an effort to cater to me, and unlike the way Americans tend to react to this task, they didn’t at all seem hindered by it. The people of Spain were nothing but accommodating, and it was an amazing experience.”

Nick Capone
“It’s difficult to find the right words to start a 12-15 page essay that must be written on one of the best classes and experiences you have had in your lifetime so far. BUS-436, Seminar in International Business, not only gave me an amazing experience abroad during the first two weeks of summer 2017 but it also gave me a massive extent of knowledge about Spain as a whole and at the individual level. From learning during the presentations that were part of the program to trying to order “paella”, “jamón”, or “cervezas” in my broken Spanish I know this class has vastly broadened my horizons to other cultures and what is to be expected when pursuing a career in international business.”

Mary Rotelli
“Overall, my time in Spain was well spent, and I learned more going there than I ever could from reading about it online or sitting in lectures. Being there was not only a fun experience, it was also educational and the memories I made will last a lifetime. Spain opened my eyes to more global issues and what it truly is like to live in another country. From learning about the government, to economics, to the royalty, to the economy and more importantly how it compares to the United States. Going to Spain only made me want to travel back to Europe again and learn more about what makes up the country; not to mention learn the language and even study abroad there next year for a semester. An international trip abroad is the best way to get an understanding on how international business works; by the end of my trip I not only learned how business abroad works, but also culture, everyday life, economics, politics, language, and everything else that comes along with being abroad.”

Nick Sharp
“Seeing a place like Spain is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Few places in the world have such rich history and culture. The architecture is stunning and very unique. I have always wanted to go and it was everything I imagined it
would be. Having the chance to see a soccer game at the FC Barcelona stadium was incredible. There is just so much to experience in a foreign country with as much to offer as Spain. We got to taste some of the world’s best wine and see how they make it. We got to try food that is completely different than our normal diet. I can now say that I’ve tried at least 5 new types of food after this trip. That’s what this trip was all about, experiencing something new. There was certainly no shortage of that.”

Adam Fisher
“Joining this course and going on the field trip to Barcelona and Madrid has been one of the best, most eye-opening experiences of my life. I learned a tremendous amount throughout the semester and learned even more on the visit to the two cities. Learning about the two cities throughout the semester and then having the opportunity to experience what we talked about in class and apply what we learned was incredible. One of the biggest differences that stood out to me between the United States and Spain is the way that people viewed and lived life. In the United States, we live to work and in Spain it is the total opposite, they work just to simply live. Another big standout to me was the difference between Madrid and Barcelona, during the presentations I was able to get the idea that the two cities are very different, but being able to experience the culture and the people in Barcelona and then going to Madrid and experience their culture and people I realized there is more of a difference than I realized. Spain and Catalonia have many differences, their political views are different, they have different governments, their history is different and even the language is different. I learned a lot in both cities that we visited and would like to go back someday.”

Alexander Romeo
“Overall the trip was fantastic. You can learn everything you need to know through a text book, videos or just reading things on the internet as you do in school. You will never fully understand it though till you have witnessed it firsthand.”

Kelly Sheehan
“And so it began, our adventure across the Atlantic. “Bienvenidos a España” were the first words we heard as our plane pulled up to the airport gate. I was excited, I thought I was ready, but it turned out that the differences are much more immense than a diploma in Spanish can prepare you for. I felt confident in my speaking skills and knowledge of Spanish culture, however, nothing can prepare you for your world turning upside down: Language, culture, transportation, food. Everything was entirely different.”

Joshua Lamoureux
“Spain and Catalonia offer an alternate perspective to those who may have never left their own country. A less black and white political system that has morphed over time through fascist dictatorships to near socialistic governments. A crippling economic depression that forced the country to think differently and allowed Catalonia in particular to prosper. A comeback fueled by capitalizing on tourists.”

Evan M. Tavera
“The Global Field Course to Barcelona and Madrid was fourteen days of experiences that never in my young life would I have imagined doing with such a great group of people. Between aimlessly roaming the cities, to the visits to world renowned businesses such as Estrella Damm and Freixenet, I learned an immense amount about Spanish history, culture, lifestyle, and even things about myself. The structure of this course led to a success trip for us students due to the fact that during class time, we were immersed with information pertaining the diverse setting, compared to our normal, everyday life, which we soon would be entering.”