Chair’s Message

A Message from the Chair

We have a saying in the Biology Department: “For Biologists, the Study of Life is a Way of Life.” While students in our department can expect to receive a strong theoretical foundation of scientific theory and concepts, the biology faculty prides itself on giving students a rich laboratory experience. The department also offers students a host of field opportunities ranging from excursions to Costa Rica and San Salvador to afternoon trips to our on-campus arboretum.

Alumni frequently enroll in graduate programs at prestigious universities such as Yale and Dartmouth where they report that their preparation at Eastern is second to none. Eastern students end up in careers in a rich variety of occupational fields: genetics, dentistry, medicine, optometry, veterinary science, ecology, plant biology, marine biology, biotechnology, and science teaching.

As a department within a liberal arts university we believe that the in-depth study of a major discipline is an integral part of a liberal education. In addition to preparing our graduates for careers in the life sciences, our primary goals are:

To promote a greater appreciation and understanding of the Earth’s life forms.
To cultivate a sense of intellectual curiosity about life processes.
To improve student understanding of how science works by providing curricular experiences that illustrate how knowledge is acquired.
To provide opportunities for students to improve their communication skills through oral presentations and written reports.
To encourage higher-order thinking by challenging students with assignments and experiences that promote creativity, integration of information, and synthesis.
To promote independence, self-discipline, and critical thinking through opportunities for independent research under the oversight of an individual faculty mentor.
To maximize our students’ career choices by providing opportunities to develop the analytical skills and technical expertise valued by today’s employers and professional/graduate programs.
Sound exciting? This website can help you learn more about our department and the programs we offer. Check it out, and come visit us in person!

Dr. Elizabeth Cowles
(860) 465-4385
Science Building, Room 361