Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

Yaw Barwuah - 1998
“The one thing I liked most about the Eastern Biology program was the small class sizes and the opportunity to do independent studies and research. The experiences I had at Eastern continue to be valuable to me at the Medical school. With the strong background I had in microbial biology I was able to place out of Medical Microbiology and Immunology course at my medical school by passing a placement exam. I was able to serve as a teaching assistant for the course and I did that with ease because Eastern Biology program gave me the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant even as an undergraduate student.”
Eastern Honor Scholar Grad Cum Laude | MD/MPH program, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Chip Beckwith - 1995
“The value of an ECSU Biology degree is most evident to the fortunate graduates who have taken full advantage of all that the program has to offer. From the top quality lecture based classes to the “hands on” laboratory research, the faculty of ECSU’s Biology department offer so much more than the mere fundamentals of a biology education. Unwittingly, their love and passion for their work conveys a strong message to their students and succeeds in inspiring the next generation of biologists, teachers and countless other professionals that call ECSU’s Biology department home.”
Eastern Magna Cum Laude | Ph.D. Wesleyan University | CT Dept of Health

Marc Freeman - 1995
“While many schools may offer small classes, few offer the combination of advantages that I got at Eastern. Key factors in my development were: having the opportunity to present my work at regional, national and international meetings, being invited to spend the summer working with top researchers at Cornell and Yale, continuous personal attention from the faculty and a lab-based training that gave me the practical and analytical skills that were invaluable in graduate school.”
Ph.D. Yale University | Assistant Professor of Neurobiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Michael Johnson - 1997
“The education I received at Eastern shaped and defined my critical thinking skills, communication skills and creative abilities. I certainly feel that this is essential for lifelong learning and effective communication with patients and colleagues.”
Eastern Biology Honor Scholar | D.M.D. University of Pittsburgh
Oral Surgeon with Hamden-Shoreline Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

Jason Riechler - 2000
“The low student to professor ratio allowed teaching conditions that favored learning. Having small classes allowed each student to be known as a person, not a number. The educational experiences I received at Eastern have given me a leading edge in teaching biology and general sciences. Not only was the faculty helpful, but the courses offered prepared me to teach all biological subjects at the secondary level. Practical hands-on experiences combined with knowledgeable staff created a positive foundation in learning complicated biological principles.”
Teaching at RHAM HS

Hazel Richardson - 2000
“I would have to say that the size of the biology program at Eastern is what I liked best. The smaller classes fostered a richer learning environment and provided the students with the opportunity to work one on one with professors. However, there needed to be more opportunities for independent studies across all subject areas of Biology, not just the subjects dearest to our professor’s hearts. Career focused learning might be a thought to consider. The ability to choose the courses that I saw as being most beneficial to my future career had a positive affect. My student advisor was wonderful. She made sure that she knew what my specific interests were and gave me the best advice on how to go about achieving my goals for the future. I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a great deal of laboratory work. That opportunity was the most beneficial to me in being able to find employment.”
Technician, Pfizer Corporation

Barb (Wilson) Pierce - 1993
“The low student to faculty ratios combined with the faculty’s enthusiasm for teaching and research are what I liked most about the Biology Department at Eastern. The small class sizes allowed for greater individual attention in the classroom and enabled me to gain direct experience with specialized scientific equipment which would otherwise have been impossible at a larger institution. The enthusiasm of the faculty motivated me to excel, not only in coursework but in research projects as well. Eastern’s biology program prepared me extremely well for graduate school. The required core curriculum provided me with a strong, broad base of biological knowledge on which to build my graduate studies. Even more importantly, the program provided me with exceptional opportunities for independent research and extramural learning through assistantships and study abroad courses.”
Eastern Magna Cum Laude | Ph.D., University of Rhode Island
Associate Professor of Biology at Sacred Heart University