Bachelor of Arts, Major Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Major:
(BA) Degree Requirements
Recommended Course Sequence:

The following courses are required for all biology majors:
Both BIO 120 and BIO 130 must be successfully completed with a grade of C- or better prior to starting BIO 220 or BIO 230. Both BIO 220 and BIO 230 must be successfully completed with a grade of C- or better before starting on the required upper-level courses.

I. Common biology core to be completed by the end of the sophomore year (16 credits)
BIO120Organismal Biology w/Lab4
BIO130Ecology w/Lab4
BIO220Cell Structure and Function w/Lab4
BIO230Genetics w/Lab4
II. Junior and senior years - You must take six courses with lab, at least one from each of the following three lists, generally in the junior and senior years. All four core courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better before you are permitted to enroll in any advanced course. All course prerequisites must be met. You do not have to be a senior to take a 400-level course.
  Cell and Molecular Biology Courses
BIO330Cell Biology w/Lab4
BIO420Electron Microscopy w/Lab4
BIO422Research Methods Molecular Bio w/Lab4
BIO424Cell Physiology4
BIO 426Biology of Cancer4
BIO428Virology w/Lab4
BIO430Endocrinology w/Lab4
BIO432Histology w/Lab4
BIO434Developmental Biology w/Lab4
BIO436Molecular Genetics w/Lab4
BIO438Plant Physiology w/Lab4
BIO450Biotechnology w/Lab4
BIO458Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine4
  Organismal Biology Courses
BIO324Entomology w/Lab4
BIO332Biology of Plants w/Lab4
BIO334General Microbiology w/Lab4
BIO336Invertebrate Biology w/Lab4
BIO338Vertebrate Biology w/Lab4
BIO340Parasitology w/Lab4
BIO346Animal Behavior w/Lab4
BIO348Functional Human Anatomy w/Lab4
BIO350Human Physiology w/Lab4
BIO448Physiological Ecology w/Lab4
  Population Biology and Ecology Courses
BIO320/360Tropical Biology and Tropical Ecosystems4
BIO319/320Oceanic Island Ecology and Tropical Biology4
BIO440Aquatic Biology w/Lab4
BIO442Plant Ecology w/Lab4
BIO444Population/Community Ecology w/Lab4
BIO446Terrestrial Ecology w/Lab4
BIO452Conservation Biology w/Lab4
BIO454Biological Invasions w/Lab4
BIO456Marine Ecology w/Lab4
III. Senior Seminar Course - It meets the Stage 3 Writing Intensive and the LAC Tier II requirements. You must take this course, in your senior year, only after completing at least three upper-level biology major courses. BIO 050 is a required prerequisite.
BIO466Senior Seminar3
BIO488Honors Thesis Research1 to 6
IV. Related Fields
CHE210/212General Chemistry I w/Lab4
CHE211/213General Chemistry II w/Lab4
EES104Dynamic Earth w/Lab4
EES110/112Intro to Geology w/Lab4
MAT 216Statistical Data Analysis3
PHY204Physics I w/Lab4
PHY205Physics II w/Lab4
Total Credits62