Career Statistics Thru 2011

Coach DeVito: "Jordan has become one of the vocal leaders of the group. He is the strongest guy on the team; combine this with his size and athleticism and Jordan should be one of the best keepers in our region.”

HIGH SCHOOL:  Member of soccer and lacrosse programs… four year starter in soccer and two-year starter in lacrosse… three-time all-conference pick in soccer senior all-state selection in lacrosse…

PERSONAL: Born Jordan B. Munsell October 26,1990…Parents: Doreen and Eric…

Major: Psychology…Career plans: Psychiatry…Residence: Waterford, CT…



Favorite aspect of Eastern: Weight room

Favorite athlete of all time: Lance Armstrong

Favorite professional sports team: Manchester United

The hardest class you’ve ever taken at Eastern: Biological Psychology

The funniest comedian: Will Ferrell

Greatest coach of all time in any sport, at any level: Sir Alex Ferguson

The greatest sports moment of all time: U.S.A hockey vs. CCCP, 1980 Winter Olympics

Most important invention in last 100 years: Car

Biggest problem facing the world: Prius

Last movie you’ve seen: Batman Dark Knight Rises

Favorite musical artist: Breaking Benjamin

Favorite actor: Tom Hardy

Favorite book: Fearless

Favorite sporting event you’ve ever attended: Soccer in Costa Rica

Pet peeve: Chewing with mouth open

If you could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to: Australia

Most dangerous animal: Silverback Gorilla

Favorite pizza topping: Chicken and Broccoli


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