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Career Statistics Thru 2009

Coach DeVito: "Senior who sets a great example for the younger guys.  Chris will control the middle of the park for us.  He has played for me since he was a youth player."

High School: Played four years of soccer, three years of basketball and two years of golf…named all-state in soccer, junior and senior year…helped lead the team to conference championships in his junior and senior seasons… captained the soccer team during his senior year as well…

Other: Played the 2006 and 2007 soccer seasons at Division II Assumption College… started half of the 30 matches in which he started for Greyhounds, who compiled a two-year record of 8-22-5… scored one goal as a freshman and had two assists as a sophomore… started 11 matches as a freshman… member of Eastern Soccer Clinic staff this past summer…

PERSONAL: Born Christopher R. Bourdeau March 18, 1988…Parents: Paula and Roger…Major: Physical Education…Career Plans: Teach and coach near Boston…Residence: Thompson, CT…



Favorite activity other than sports: Relaxing

Best place for pizza: Giant

Favorite actor: Edward Norton

Most difficult aspect of college: Focusing on school when other things are going on

Something that you may never live to see: Lowering of drinking age to 18

Something (legal) that you tried once but would never do again: Pull an all nighter and work camp the next day

When you were young, favorite game to pass time on a car trip: I Spy With My Little Eye

Most difficult aspect of your sport: Spacing

Best athlete (any level) of all time: Pele

Sport requiring the most strength: Soccer

Greatest song ever: Coldplay, The Scientist

Favorite pro team: Red Sox

Hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life: Watching my grandmother pass away

One thing you would like to do before you die: Travel through Europe

Greatest coach (any level) of all time: Red Auerbach

Your favorite moment of all time (not necessarily sports-related): Watching the Red Sox win the World Series in 2004

Most embarrassing moment: Scoring on the wrong basket

Favorite smell: Coconut

Biggest crisis facing America: The economy

Biggest crisis facing the world: Equality

A reality TV show you would like to see created: America’s best athlete

Who were you or who do you hope you were in your first life? A musician

Closest brush with greatness: Touched Chris Martin at a concert

Your greatest thrill in sports: Getting an assist

Most important invention or discovery in your lifetime: Hybrid cars

What would you like to get paid to do for a living? Coach and teach

Most difficult interview question: What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever endured?

Most influential person in the world: Barack Obama

Job you consider the hardest or worst to do for a living: Doctors telling somebody they will die

Automobile you would buy tomorrow if you had the money: Porsche

Favorite amusement park ride: Carousel

Favorite amusement park game: Darts

Favorite amusement park food: Pretzels

Scariest nightmare: Getting in a car crash

Your largest monthly cell phone bill: $200

Hardest class at Eastern you have taken: Switch, by far

A class you’ve taken that you’ll never need to use: Bible

Favorite city ever visited: Boston

Favorite Olympic sport to watch: Track and Field

Greatest fear: Getting in a car crash

World’s most recognizable person: Barack Obama

Most dangerous animal: Orangutan

Funniest comedian: Katt Williams

Scariest insect: Spider

Superstitions: Cleats always have to be in the same place

Pet Peeve: People who are mean

Red Sox or Yankees: Sox without a doubt

Biggest waste of money: Drugs

Largest crowd you’ve ever been part of: Red Sox World Series parade 2007

Longest you’ve ever gone without sleep: 27 hours

Something no one would miss if it was blown up: Pluto

Best vacation of all time: Costa Rica

Worst vacation of all time: Ireland

Team favored to win the 2009 World Series: Sox

Chances of the U.S. winning the next World Cup: 17%

Amount of weekly allowance you would give to your children: $2


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