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Career Statistics Thru 2009

Coach DeVito: "Nick is a senior captain and a tremendous leader on and off the field.  He has the ability to be a big scorer for us this year and can play any position on the field."

High School: Four-year member of the soccer team…two-year member of both the track and rugby programs…soccer team captain in his senior year…selected as a conference all star in soccer as both a junior and senior…in rugby, was leading scorer his senior season in New England region…

Other: Played in the Cape Cod League and was a staff member on the Eastern Soccer Clinic this past summer

PERSONAL: Born Nicholas S. Boretti September 3, 1987…Parents: Jeanne and Richard…Major: Communication…Career Plans: Advertising…Residence: Marshfield, MA…


Favorite activity other than sports: Roshambo

Best place for pizza: Anywhere but New York

Favorite actor: Denzel, obviously

Most difficult aspect of college: Balancing everything

Something that you may never live to see: People living on the moon

Something that you tried once but would never do again: Anything worth doing once is worth doing again.

When you were young, favorite game to pass time on a car trip: Punchy buggy

Most difficult aspect of your sport: Mental

Best athlete (any level) of all time: Michael Phelps

Greatest song ever: Happy Birthday

Favorite pro team: Liverpool FC

Hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life: Live with Maxim Fantl

One thing you would like to do before you die: Go on Man vs. Wild

Greatest coach (any level) of all time: Sir Alex Fergusson

Your favorite moment of all time: Too many to choose

Favorite smell: Vanilla

Biggest crisis facing America: Economy/Health Care

Biggest crisis facing the world: Nuclear weapons

A reality TV show you would like to see created: Survivor man- Willimantic edition

Who were you or who do you hope you were in your first life? I’m me

Closest brush with greatness: Playing Michael Jordan one on one and winning… that never happened.

Your greatest thrill in sports: Winning

Most important invention or discovery in your lifetime: Alternative fuel cells for cars

What would you like to get paid to do for a living? Anything, as long as it pays well.

Most influential person in the world: Barrack Obama

Job you consider the hardest or worst to do for a living: Septic tank pumper

Automobile you would buy tomorrow if you had the money: Can’t decide

Favorite amusement park ride: Superman, Six Flags

Your largest monthly cell phone bill: $589.00

A class you’ve taken that you’ll never need to use: Most of my GERs…Thanks Eastern

Favorite city ever visited: San Jose, Costa Rica or London

Favorite Olympic sport to watch: Usain Bolt running

Greatest fear: Needles

Most dangerous animal: The liger

Red Sox or Yankees: Red Sox for life.

Biggest waste of money: The Lottery/Casino

Chances of the U.S. winning the next World Cup: Good, after they beat Spain.

Amount of weekly allowance you would give to your children: $ 15.00

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