Career Statistics Thru 2011

Coach DeVito: Zack is a quick and hard-working midfielder. He has worked extremely hard and will be a main part of our attack this season."

High School: Four year member of soccer team and one year member of swimming team…member of second team all-conference in soccer…in swimming won state championship freshmen year…academic honorable mention junior and senior year…

PERSONAL: Born Zachary J. Kice February 13, 1992…Parents: Theresa and Glen…Major: Business…Career plans: Marketing…Residence: Denver, CO…



Favorite athlete of all time: Michael Jordan

Favorite professional sports team: Arsenal

The hardest class you’ve ever taken at Eastern: Financial Accounting

Favorite subject in school: Marketing

A class you’ve taken that you’ll never need to use: Any science class

Best choice for next President of the United States: Zach Galifinakis

Greatest coach of all time in any sport, at any level: David Korn

The greatest sports moment of all time: Peyton Manning signing with the Broncos

Most important invention in last 100 years: Febreeze

Biggest problem facing the world: Bath salts and Axe users

Choice for a last meal: Anything but rice and beans

If you could go to any sporting event in the world, which would it be?: World Cup in Brazil

Last movie you’ve seen: Batman

Favorite musical artist: Dom Kennedy

Favorite actor: Mark Wahlberg

Favorite sportscaster: Derek Rae

Favorite Olympic sport to watch: Trampolining

Favorite human interest story revealed by Olympic coverage: Missy Franklin

Olympic sport which should be added: Putt-putt

Olympic sport which should be dropped: Speed Walking

Best advice you’ve ever received: If you don’t love what you do, don’t do it

Eastern’s biggest rival: Keene State

Pet peeve: People who act dumb

Your goals for the upcoming season: I’m not happy in the playoffs, I’m trying to pick some rings up

If you could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to: Spain

Most dangerous animal: Hippo

Favorite pizza topping: Bacon



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