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Coach DeVito: “Nick is a quick and smart attacking player. He has solid technical abilities and will definitely play a role at forward or midfield. He serves dangerous balls in the box and has the ability to finish chances.”


Favorite aspect of Eastern: Size of the school

Favorite athlete of all time: Luis Figo

Favorite professional sports team: Manchester United

The hardest class you’ve ever taken at Eastern: Freshmen in the fall

Favorite subject in school: Math

A class you’ve taken that you’ll never need to use: Pottery

Most beneficial aspect of college life: Meeting new people

The funniest comedian: Katt Williams

Best choice for next President of the United States: Mitt Romney

Greatest coach of all time in any sport, at any level: Vince Lombardi

The greatest sports moment of all time: US Hockey team winning gold medal in 1980

Favorite Smart Phone application: YouTube

Most famous American: George Washington

Most recognizable world figure: The Pope

Most important invention in last 100 years: Space Travel

Most important advancement in medicine in last 50 years: Chemo Therapy

Biggest problem facing the world: Hunger

Choice for a last meal: Sheppard’s Pie

Should student-athletes receive an annual stipend for their service to their school? If so, how much?: No

Favorite college sports team, other than your own: Duke University

If you could go to any sporting event in the world, which would it be?: World Cup Final

Last movie you’ve seen: The Hurt Locker

Favorite musical artist: Kid Cudi

Favorite actor: Brad Pitt

Favorite book: Outliers

Favorite sporting event you’ve ever attended: Brazil vs Argentina

Favorite sportscaster: Andres Cantor

Favorite Olympic sport to watch: Soccer

Favorite human interest story revealed by Olympic coverage: Oscar Pistorius

Olympic sport which should be added: Paintball

Olympic sport which should be dropped: Speed Walking

Olympic sport which you know nothing about: Horse Back Riding

Best advice you’ve ever received: The key to immortality is living a life worth remembering

Person with the most difficult job in the world: President of the United States

Area which you consider yourself to be an authority: Star Wars

Area which you know virtually nothing about: Chemistry

Eastern’s biggest rival: Keene State

Your biggest rival: Myself

Pet peeve: Being Late

Biggest waste of time: Watching TV

Your goals for the upcoming season: Earn playing time/ Score goals

If you could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to: Portugal

Most dangerous animal: Great White Shark

Favorite pizza topping: Bacon

What would you like to see as the University’s mascot?: A Warrior

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