Transferred in the fall of 2009 after two years at Division I Quinnipiac University...

Coach Holowaty: “Tyler transferred here last year and had a good year, not a great year. I think he can be a better offensive ball player. I think Tyler has to have a more consistent offensive year.  Last year, he was up and down – he was really trying to find himself.  Last year was his first year of fulltime competitive college baseball, and so last year was really his freshman year.  I do expect more from him this year; his work ethic has been very good during this pre-season, and has been a positive leader, so I think he’ll do a nice job. We just expect a lot from him, and I think he’s capable of having a very good year.”

Previous School: Batted .233 (24-for-103) in 41 games over two years at Quinnipiac, which was 34-70 overall (20-36 in the Northeast Conference)... had six extra-base hits (two home runs) and 21 RBI and fielded .955 on 178 chances... started seven of ten games on the team's season-opening southern trip in 2008... in his collegiate debut and first start March 8, 2008 at Davidson College, had three hits and drove in six runs with a double and home run.. had two hits at North Carolina State University four days later and drove in two runs March 14 in a 15-10 win over Michigan State University at Greenville, SC... against visiting Brown University April 8, homered and drove in three runs

High School: Four-year starter for baseball and basketball teams…in baseball, two-time All-State pick who was named to all-conference team in final three seasons… played on four unbeaten conference championship teams and on 25-2 state championship team as a senior team MVP… senior all-conference pick in basketball…

Other: Last summer, served as a camp counselor at three baseball camps in Maryland and played for the  Silver Spring Takoma Thunderbolts of the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League… in the summer of 2009, played with the Case Grande Cotton Kings in the 2009 NBC World Series in Wichita, KS and with the Twins in the Arizona Collegiate Wood Bat League… batted .371 (26-for-70) with 14 RBI and was selected to the all-star team…

PERSONAL: born Tyler J. Turgeon May 25, 1989…Major: History…Career Plans: Teacher/Coach…Parents: Regina and Michael… father Mike is an Eastern Hall of Famer who was a three-year starter at shortstop (1975-77) and member of NAIA national tournament qualifier as a freshman and drafted in the sixth round by the Chicago Cubs in 1977… Residence: Norwich, CT…

Career Statistics Thru 2011


Favorite activity other than sports: Fishing

Best place for pizza: Pepe’s

Favorite actor: Matt Damon

Most difficult aspect of college: Homework

Something that you may never live to see: A good shortstop in Boston

Something that you tried once but would never do again: Drove 25 hours straight

When you were young, favorite game to pass time on a car trip: The license plate game

Most difficult aspect of your sport: Hitting

Best athlete (any level) of all time: Lebron James

Sport requiring the most strength: Car flipping

Greatest song ever: Bye Bye Bye - N'Sync

Favorite pro team: Red Sox

Hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life: Transferred

One thing you would like to do before you die: Hunt a lion with a knife

Greatest coach of all time: Kyle Orzechowski- ECSU

Your favorite moment of all time: Winning high school state championship in baseball

Most embarrassing moment: Cammuso thowing his bat bag down the stairs and knocking me on my ass

Favorite smell: Steak

Biggest crisis facing America: Obama

Biggest crisis facing the world: Obama

A reality TV show you would like to see created: True Life:Dan Feldshon

Who were you or who do you hope you were in your first life?:

I think I might have been a Gladiator, I feel like I would be good in fights to the death

Closest brush with greatness: I said hi to Jim Shult once, I think he looked at me

Your greatest thrill in sports: Winning a close game

Most important invention or discovery in your lifetime: I think they found a frozen wooley mammoth, that’s kinda cool

What would you like to get paid to do for a living? Play ball

Most difficult interview question: Would you be willing to work overtime?

Most influential person in the world: Morgan Freeman

Job you consider the hardest or worst to do for a living: Sanitation Engineer

Automobile you would buy tomorrow if you had the money: Dodge Charger

Favorite amusement park ride: Spinning teacups

Favorite amusement park game: The basketball shooting, where the hoops are actually smaller than the ball so you never win

Favorite amusement park food: Cotton candy

Scariest nightmare: I was being chased by a giant sneaker

Hardest class at Eastern you have taken: Macroeconomics

A class you’ve taken that you’ll never need to use: Poetry

Favorite city ever visited: Tempe, AZ

Favorite Olympic sport to watch:  Curling

Greatest fear: Losing to Cammuso in Call of Duty

World’s most recognizable person: Megan Fox

Most dangerous animal: The Liger, half Lion, half Tiger, all bad-a

Funniest comedian: Brian Regan

Scariest insect: Camel spider

Superstitions: I do the same routine every at bat

Pet Peeve: People who sing all day in their dorm room until 3 am

Red Sox or Yankees: Sox

Biggest waste of money: Gas

Largest crowd you’ve ever been part of: A UConn football game

Longest you’ve ever gone without sleep: 52 hours

Something no one would miss if it was blown up: New Jersey

Best vacation of all time: Disney World

Worst vacation of all time: Dirty Jersey

Chances of the U.S. winning the next World Cup: Did they even qualify?

Amount of weekly allowance you would give to your children: Food and shelter


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