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Coach Holowaty: “Travis had a heckuva year last year and I think he’ll have an even better year in 2010.  He’s much more focused, and is much better at controlling his emotions.  I think this will all lead to a better performance.”

High School: Participated in basketball and baseball at William H. Hall High School… in baseball, earned all-conference and all-state honors, named team captain as a senior and received the team batting award, rookie of the year, and was team MVP… holds the school’s record in career hits and stolen bases…


PERSONAL: born Travis W. Bass September 18, 1987…Major: Psychology…Parents: Barbara and Gregory…Residence: West Hartford, CT…

Career Statistics Thru 2010


Favorite activity other than sports: Snowboarding, ping pong, climbing, basketball, soccer, eating.

Best place for pizza: Harry’s Pizza in West Hartford

Favorite actor: Bruce Willis

Most difficult aspect of college: Knowing that it will end someday

Something that you may never live to see: Man living on mars

Something (legal) that you tried once but would never do again: Double back flip

When you were young, favorite game to pass time on a car trip: Eye Spy

Most difficult aspect of your sport: Playing in northeastern temperatures

Best athlete of all time: Teddy Ballgame

Sport requiring the most strength: Speed climbing

Greatest song ever: Blue Sky by The Allman Brothers Band

Favorite Pro Team: Seattle Mariners

Hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life: Winter camping

One thing you would like to do before you die: Climb Mt. Everest

Greatest coach (any level) of all time: My father

Your favorite moment of all time: Winning the Coastal Plains League championship -- à national summer wood bat league

Most embarrassing moment: Being hypnotize

Favorite smell: Freshly cut grass before a baseball game

Biggest crisis facing America: Global relations

Biggest crisis facing the world: Global warming

A Reality TV show you would like to see created: Life as a Sherpa

Who were you or who do you hope you were in your first life? A Samurai Warrior

Closest brush with greatness: Winning the CPL championship

Your greatest thrill in sports: Every single at-bat

What would you like to get paid to do for a living?: Professional baseball player

Most influential person in the world: Bob Dylan

Job you consider the hardest or worst to do for a living: Teaching

Automobile you would buy tomorrow if you had the money: Ducatti

Favorite amusement park ride: The Superman

Favorite amusement park game: 3-Point Shooting

Favorite amusement park food: Elephant Ears

Scariest nightmare: Missing practice

Hardest class at Eastern you have taken: Math of any level

A class you’ve taken that you’ll never need to use: Math 135

Favorite city ever visited: New York City

Favorite Olympic sport to watch: Ping Pong

Greatest fear: Not living up to my expectations

World’s most recognizable person: President Obama

Most dangerous animal: A wounded animal

Funniest comedian: Dave Chappelle

Scariest insect: Scorpions

Superstitions: Praying before every game

Pet Peeve: People accepting less than their best

Red Sox or Yankees: Neither

Biggest waste of money: War

Largest crowd you’ve ever been part of: 6,000 fans in Forest City, N.C. at a CPL playoff game

Longest you’ve ever gone without sleep: 3 days

Best vacation of all time: Europe backpacking trip

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