Coach Holowaty: “Mike has thrown the ball well, but he needs to learn control and to control himself emotionally to step it up.  He is one of our question marks who can certainly help us out.  If he steps it up, he will be a big help for us."

High School: Four-year member of baseball and hockey teams and one-year member of track team…in baseball, was team MVP senior year and was named to all-conference first team and was named an area All-Scholastic for Division I team…

in 2008 , team was conference champion in baseball… underwent Tommy John surgery after his senior season…

PERSONAL: born Michael J. Buckley December 24, 1989…Major: Sociology…Parents: Ann and Thomas…Residence: Braintree, MA...

Career Statistics Thru 2010


Favorite activity other than sports: Fishing

Best place for pizza: Village Pizza

Favorite actor: Larry David

Most difficult aspect of college: Exams

Most difficult aspect of your sport: 5 a.m. practice

Best athlete (any level) of all time: Larry Bird

Sport requiring the most strength: Hockey

Favorite pro team: New England Patriots

One thing you would like to do before you die: Sky Dive

Favorite smell: BBQ

Biggest crisis facing America: Terrorism

Biggest crisis facing the world: Global warming

Your greatest thrill in sports: Winning

Most difficult interview question: Are you a bulldog?

Favorite amusement park ride: Superman

Hardest class at Eastern you have taken: Philosophy

A class you’ve taken that you’ll never need to use: Geology

Favorite Olympic sport to watch: Hockey

Funniest comedian: Jerry Seinfeld

Red Sox or Yankees: Red Sox

Longest you’ve ever gone without sleep: Couple hours

Something no one would miss if it was blown up: Hurley

Chances of the U.S. winning the next World Cup: Slim

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