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Coach Holowaty: Hopefully, Bill can give us some meaningful innings from the left side.  We are short in left-handed pitching and hope Billy can step up and have a very productive senior year.”

High School : Participated in baseball, basketball, cross country and soccer… in basketball, named all-conference as a senior… helped lead basketball team to the state finals as a senior… in soccer, helped his team earn a state title as a senior… in baseball, member of  conference championship team in his final season...

Other: Followed in father Rob’s footsteps as a member of Eastern’s baseball and basketball programs… became the second Roveto to save a game April 25, 2009 against UMass Boston and the second Roveto to win a game March 25, 2010 against Marian College… Rob was 14-0 with two saves and a 1.000 batting average (1-for-1) in his two-year Eastern career (1982-83) and earned a three-inning save in the 1982 national championship game… Bill is a four-year basketball letterwinner and three-year starter and was a senior captain this past year when the Warriors won 20 games for the second straight season…

PERSONAL: born William R. Roveto September 6, 1988…Major: Political Science… Career Plans: Coaching… Parents: Karen and Rob…Residence: South Windsor, CT…

Career Statistics Thru 2011


Favorite activity other than sports: Chillin’ with friends

Best place for pizza: Don’t really eat it

Favorite actor: Robert De Niro

Most difficult aspect of college: Time management

Something that you may never live to see: The Jets win the Superbowl

When you were young, favorite game to pass time on a car trip: Finding license plates of different states

Most difficult aspect of your sport: Not over thinking

Best athlete (any level) of all time: Michael Jordan

Sport requiring the most strength: All of them

Favorite pro team: Jets/Yankees/Celtics

One thing you would like to do before you die: Be successful

Greatest coach (any level) of all time: Bobby Knight

Your favorite moment of all time (not necessarily sports-related): Basketball Senior year of high school

Biggest crisis facing America: Accepting people that are different

Biggest crisis facing the world: Accepting people that are different

A reality TV show you would like to see created: Edwin Ortiz 24/7

Who were you or who do you hope you were in your first life? A good person

Closest brush with greatness: Meeting Ray Allen

Your greatest thrill in sports: Baseball Regionals 2009

Most important invention or discovery in your lifetime: Cell phones

What would you like to get paid to do for a living? College basketball coach

Most difficult interview question: Anything where you’re being second guessed

Most influential person in the world: Oprah

Job you consider the hardest or worst to do for a living: Anything you really don’t want to be doing

Automobile you would buy tomorrow if you had the money:  Anything newer than what I have now

Favorite amusement park food: Fried dough

Scariest nightmare: Falling

Hardest class at Eastern you have taken: Math

A class you’ve taken that you’ll never need to use: Western Civ

Favorite city ever visited: New York

Favorite Olympic sport to watch: Basketball

Greatest fear: Not enough time in life to accomplish everything I want to

World’s most recognizable person: Bob Barker

Most dangerous animal: My dog

Funniest comedian:  Nicholas Swardson

Superstitions: Getting dressed in the same order before games

Pet Peeve:  Rude people

Red Sox or Yankees: Yankees

Biggest waste of money: That new statue looking thing outside of Hurley

Largest crowd you’ve ever been part of:  Jets game at the Meadowlands

Longest you’ve ever gone without sleep: About 40 hours

Something no one would miss if it was blown up: Fenway Park

Best vacation of all time: New Orleans

Worst vacation of all time: Having to cut a Disney trip short……

Chances of the U.S. winning the next World Cup: Ha…….zero

Amount of weekly allowance you would give to your children: $10


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