What is the Academic Services Center?

The Academic Services Center is a combined service area located on the ground floor of the Library. The Center houses Advising Center, Tutoring Services (all subjects) and the STEP/CAP Program, the Mathematics Achievement Center (the “MAC” for math tutoring) and the Writing Center (for writing help). The Academic Services Center phone number is (860) 465-4272.

Where is the Academic Services Center?

The center is located on the ground floor of the Library down the hall from the Library Café. All the services are now available in one area.

What services are offered?

Advising Center— Provides organizational support for a variety of undergraduate advising functions on campus, as well as additional forms of academic assistance for undergraduate students. The Center supervises the overall faculty advising system and coordinates the advisement services for the registration process of continuing and new students. In addition, the Advising Center provides students with information and assistance regarding academic-related matters, handles students’ academic appeals, and provides academic support services to freshmen, undeclared, and probationary students. Ms. Susan Heyward is the Director of the Advising Center. Contact heyward@easternct.edu or 465-4302.
For additional information, see the Advising Center website at www.easternct.edu/advising/

Tutoring Services (and STEP/CAP)— Tutoring Services will provide tutors to assist students who request help in a particular subject or course. All subjects are included. The Center’s service offerings include tutoring support, one-to-one assistance in a variety of content areas, and experiences that enhance skills development, time management, and provide academic support in other ways. All program offerings are designed to assist students to achieve their full potential at the college level. Students are highly encouraged to seek help from Tutoring Services early in the semester. STEP/CAP (Summer Transition at Eastern Program/Contract Admissions Program) is an alternate admissions opportunity that provides access and freshman year support to qualified students.
For additional information see the Tutoring Center website at www.easternct.edu/asc/tutoring-center/

Mathematics Achievement Center (MAC)— The MAC is a math tutoring service offered by the Mathematics Dept. under the direction of Prof. Kathleen Dale. Prof. Dale coordinates the student tutors all of whom are selected for their math ability by the Math Dept. Math faculty will also be staffing the MAC. Contact dalek@easternct.edu or 465-4544. The MAC also has a direct phone line at (860) 465-0383. For schedule and additional information, see the MAC website at www.easternct.edu/mathematics/mathematics-achievement-center/.

The Writing Center— The Writing Center is a writing support service staffed by specially trained student tutors. The tutors are selected by the English Dept. for their writing ability and their interest in helping other students with writing assignments. The Writing Center is directed by Dr. Rita Malenczyk. Contact malenczykr@easternct.edu or 465-4573. The Writing Center also has a direct phone line at 465-0382.
For additional information, see the Writing Center website at www.easternct.edu/writingcenter/
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Are services free?


What are the hours of the Academic Services Center?

Summer hours for the Academic Services Center are 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. No tutoring is available in the summer, however advising is available. During the Fall and Spring semesters, the Academic Services Center is open Sunday 2:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m.; Mon.-Thurs. 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., and Fri. 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.. The Center is closed Saturdays. The specific hours for each service area can be found by calling the individual units.

Who should go to the Academic Services Center?

Any student who could use a little extra support in math, writing, or any academic subject should come to the center. Also, students who need help with selecting, adding, or dropping courses should also come. Students who are not sure where to go for help, or if their need is supported by the Academic Services Center should come too. The staff of the Center will help you or refer you to the correct campus service.

Why should I go to the Academic Services Center?

Students have different talents. You may be very confident about your writing ability, but worried about your required math course. Or, vice versa! Or, you just don’t understand the new vocabulary being used in Sociology, or Psychology, or some other subject you have never taken before. Or maybe you are confused about the requirements of a particular major, the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, or are having trouble getting enough classes for a full load. Don’t struggle alone! The Academic Services Center is here to make your Eastern educational experience as positive and stress free as possible. Don’t wait until you are feeling really overwhelmed. Come as soon as you think you may need some support.

Do I need an appointment?

No, no appointment is required. Walk-ins are welcome. However, appointments are encouraged for writing and subject specific tutoring. You may choose to make an appointment by calling the service area from which you are seeking help or booking an appointment online. See the phone numbers and webpages above.

The Math and Writing tutors are generally available all the hours the Center is open. Tutors for individual subjects are available according to their scheduled hours.

What happens when I show up at the Academic Services Center?

You will be greeted by an Academic Services staff person who may be either a student employee or a part-time or permanent Eastern employee. That person will direct you to the service area you need if you don’t know where it is located within the Center. When you seek service, bring your Eastern ID because you will need it to scan in and out.

Why do I have to scan in and out of the Academic Services Center?

The Academic Services Center is a new combined service area and Eastern is trying to see if students who use the center are getting effective help. Information that you have used the services of the Center is confidential and is only used for general assessment purposes to see if the Center is making a positive difference.

What if I have some feedback to give about the new Academic Services Center?

We welcome your input. Please contact the Director of the Center, William M. Bisese at bisesew@easternct.edu. Please indicate that you are providing feedback about the Center and how we can make it better.