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Director’s Message

Welcome to the Academic Services Center better known as the “ASC.” This Center is composed of many different student support services offices, whose purpose it is to assist Eastern students in realizing their highest level of achievement possible. The ASC includes The Academic Advising Center, the Mathematics Achievement Center (The “MAC”), the Writing Center, Subject Tutoring and student Learning Strategies and, finally, the Summer Transition at Eastern Program/Contract Admissions Program (STEP/CAP), an alternate admissions opportunity providing access and first-year support to qualified students.  For specific information about these offices, use the links on the left of this page.

All of our offices are located on the first floor of the J. Eugene Smith Library, at the front entrance (Writing Center) and next to the Library Café (MAC, Subject Tutoring & STEP/CAP). The Advising Center is just down the hall.  We encourage all students, no matter their talent level, to exploit the resources the Center offers and make Eastern’s educational experience as positive and stress free as possible.

What is our mission? The Academic Services Center provides educational support for all Eastern students. It treats each student respectfully as an individual with unique talents. The Center provides advising and tutoring services to enhance students’ achievements as they strive for academic excellence.

If you are a student who tends to make “B” and “C” grades, see us early and change those grades to “A” and “B” grades. If you are struggling academically, see us as soon as you can; we’ll help anyone try to turn things around. If you’re a straight “A” student, work for us and serve your fellow students! Get involved. If you have any questions about our services, or suggestions in ways we can improve, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your thoughts!                                                                


William Bisese, Director


Contact Information

Main Number (860) 465-5198

William M. Bisese
Director, Academic Services Center
Office: J. Eugene Smith
Library, Room 164