What Can I Do with American Studies?

What Can I Do with American Studies?

History with concentration in American Studies is a flexible  program that allows you to pursue interests in American history, culture, literature, and the arts while preparing for a career. Students who graduate with a degree in History/American Studies have broad career options, not unlike the History or History/Social Sciences majors.

Teacher Certification
The History/American Studies option is an  ideal companion major for students seeking certification in Elementary, Middle School, and Secondary Education. American Studies options should be coordinated carefully to meet certification requirements. See the Coordinator for American Studies and an Education Department advisor to plan out a suitable program.

Law School
History/American Studies provides excellent, broad-based preparation for law school, especially when course options in political science, economics, and sociology are included.

Graduate Study
The multidisciplinary approach of American Studies makes it ideal preparation for graduate work in a wide variety of fields related to the study of American history and culture, including American Studies, History, English, Anthropology, Art History, Material Culture, Museum Studies, and many others.

Librarian or Archivist
American Studies provides the solid liberal arts background needed as preparation for study toward a master’s degree in library science (MLS), the basic degree for getting a professional level librarian’s position.

Government and Public Service
American Studies combines study in history, political science, sociology, and related fields, ideal for a career in public service, state and national government, and the foreign service.

Museum Curator
American Studies focused on history and art provides an ideal background for a career in museum work. Professional-level jobs usually required advanced training in material culture, art, or museum studies.

Journalism and Publishing
The study of American society and culture, including a strong English component, is ideal preparation for a career in writing and editing.