Requirements for American Studies Concentration


I. Required Courses: (10 credits)

HIS  120          Early American Experience, 1607-1877


HIS  121          Recent American Experience, 1877-Present

HIS/AMS 251      Introduction to American Society

HIS 200          History Research and Writing

II. History Electives: (15 credits)

A minimum of five history electives at the 200-level or above (excluding HIS 310); at least 3 of which must be US history and at least 3 of which must be at the 300-level.

III. American Studies Electives (9 credits)

Three American Studies Electives from the approved list or approved by the coordinator for American Studies.(Please see the list of electives)

IV. Seminar (4 credits)

HIS/AMS 420          Seminar in American Civilization


HIS 400          Seminar in US History
Pre-requisites for the seminar: HIS 200; 18 credits in history, including three courses on the 3xx level.

Total credits 38 (same as HIS major)

HIS 400 or 420 will satisfy the university requirement for an upper-division writing-intensive course and the LAC Tier III Independent Inquiry.

HIS 120 or 121 will fulfill the LAC Tier I Historical Perspectives category for;  HIS/AMS 251 can be used as a  substitution for Tier II Individual and Society.

For more information see the Chair of the Dept. of History.