American Studies at Eastern Connecticut State University

Requirements for American Studies Concentration

I.  American Studies Core

 AMS   251 Introduction to American Studies 
 AMS   420 Seminar in American Civilization 

II.  Concentration Courses  


History/American Studies (BA) English/American Studies (BA)
  • HIS 200: Research and Writing
  • ENG 203: Writing for English Majors 
  • 12 hours in History (at least 9 hours in American history)
  • 12 hours in English (at least 9 hours  with substantial American content)

III.  Electives

              6 hours in American literature                                        6 hours in American history 


Plus 9 hours in courses related to American culture, including art, economics, education, English, history, music, New England studies, philosophy, political science, and sociology.

History/American Studies majors may use the same course to fullfill the LAC T2IS (Tier 2 Individuals and Society) requirement and one American Studies elective course, so long as the course is on the T2-IS list and on the list of approved American Studies elective courses. 

List of approved American Studies and elective courses

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