List of Approved Courses

History- American Studies

ELECTIVES: Nine (9) credits required

HIS 120 Early American Experience, 1607-1877
HIS 121 Recent American Experience, 1877-Present
HIS 221 Native American History
HIS 241 American Frontier
HIS 243 Churches and the Modern Civil Rights Movement
HIS 244 Immigrant Women
HIS 245 African-American Religion
HIS 250 History of New England
HIS 251 Introduction to American Society
HIS 253 US Environmental History
HIS 302 Colonial America
HIS 303 Revolution and the Early Republic, 1763-1828
HIS 305: Antebellum America, 1828-1860
HIS 307 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS 313 Gilded Age to World War I
HIS 315 United States Between the Wars
HIS 316 United States after World War II
HIS 318 History of US Foreign Relations
HIS 320 Connecticut History
HIS 321 African American History to 1877
HIS 322 African American History since 1877
HIS 325 Expansion of New England
HIS 327: Disasters in America
HIS 340 History of the American South
HIS 352 History of World War II
HIS 365 Special Topics. Approval needed on case by case basis
HIS 380 Modern Black Nationalism
HIS 381 Non-Violence in Black America
HIS 383 American Immigration and Ethnicity to 1924
HIS 384 Immigration and American Society Since 1924
HIS 385 Introduction to Public History
HIS 420 Seminar in American Civilization (same as AMS 420)
HIS 480 Independent Study (individual approval required)
HIS 490 Internship in History (individual approval required)

HIS 310 May NOT be used to fulfill any History/American Studies requirements.


ENG 212 American Literature to 1865
ENG 213 American Literature from 1865
ENG 255 African-American Literature
ENG 256 Native American Literature
ENG 258 Asian-American Literature
ENG 259 Chicano/Chicana Literature and Culture
ENG 329 Adolescent Literature
ENG 342 Literature of New England
ENG 345 American Ethnic Minority Literature
ENG 347 African-American English and Verbal Traditions
ENG 350 Southwestern Literature
ENG 365 Approval needed on case by case basis
ENG 373 Studies in Rhetoric: Approval needed on case by case basis
ENG 374 Rhetoric of Hollywood Film

Visual Arts

ART 360 American Art
ART 369 African-American Art

Performing Arts

MUS 227 All that Jazz
MUS 302 American Popular Music
MUS 310 Music in America
THE 369 American Theater
FLM 221 American Film


PHI 320 American Philosophy

New England Studies

NES 200 Introduction to New England Studies
NES 250 History of New England


GEO 228 Historical Geography of the United States

Political Science

PSC 110 American Government and Politics
PSC 200 State and Local Politics and Government
PSC 205 Public Administration
PSC 215 Political Parties and Elections
PSC 216 Interest Group Politics
PSC 227 Women and Politics
PSC 315 American Social and Political Thought
PSC 320 American Foreign Policy
PSC 325 Politics and the Mass Media
PSC 326 Politics of Race, Class and Gender
PSC 330 The Presidency
PSC 333 Constructing Political Ads
PSC 335 Legislative Politics
PSC 339 Constitutional Law: Powers and Processes
PSC 340 Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
PSC 341 Judicial Process
PSC 345 Electoral Politics
PSC 351 Environmental Politics and Policy
PSC 365 Special Topics. Approval needed on case by case basis
PSC 490 Internship in Municipal Government
PSC 491 State Government Internship
PSC 492 Law Internship
PSC 493 National Government Internship
PSC 495 State/Local/Law Internship


ECO 200 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 322 Environmental Economics
ECO 325 Money and Banking
ECO 331 Economics of Sports
ECO 333 Health Economics
ECO 335 Urban and Regional Economics
ECO 377 Public Finance


ANT 221 Native Americans
ANT 225 Contemporary Puerto Rican Culture and Society
ANT 240 Latinos in the United States
ANT 365 Approval needed on case by case basis


SOC 208 Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Lives
SOC 212 Marriage and the Family
SOC 220 Sociology of Corrections
SOC 240 Sociology of Gender
SOC 307 Deviance
SOC 310 Women and Crime
SOC 325 Law and Society

Environmental Earth Science
EES 106 Geology of National Parks
EES 363 US National Parks–A Geological Perspective
EES 364 Geological Setting of Connecticut
EES 428 Geologic Regions of North America


COM 321 History of Communication

EDU 210 Foundations of U.S. Education
EDU 357 International and Cross-Cultural Education

Health and Physical Education

HPE 411 Sport in American Society

Transfer courses and other ECSU courses with variable content (like xxx 365), colloquia, seminars, internships, and independent studies that have a predominant content in United States culture, society, or history, may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

A maximum total of 3 credits of Independent Study (HIS 480) or Internship
(HIS 490) may be used to satisfy major and elective requirements. Additional Independent Study and Internship Credits count only as non-major electives