Board of Directors

Board of Directors



Richard Bright ’97

Richard Bright ’97 joined the board in 2013. He lives in Wallingford and works in Fairfield as the Director of Sales for ProMaster, the largest full-line photographic accessory supplier in North America. For seven years prior to this position he taught English at Amity Senior High School in Woodbridge.

“I have had two very different careers and Eastern gave me the tools I needed to succeed in both.” Richard is in awe of the growth of the university since he graduated, and is excited by the constantly evolving programs that prepare Eastern graduates to be the best members of Connecticut’s work-force. He is also excited for the opportunity to give back. “I know how important it was in preparing me to be successful after graduation. Being able to help current and future Eastern students get the most out of this wonderful institution is a joy.”

Holly Butler ’08

Holly Butler ’08 joined the board in 2011 and currently serves as treasurer. She lives and works in Groton and is employed as a mental health worker with Natchaug Hospital’s CarePlus. In addition to serving on the board, Holly enjoys mentoring youth, yoga, archery and cooking.

Holly received her associate’s degree from Three Rivers Community College and went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in human services administration at Eastern. “The faculty made the journey and transition of being a non-traditional student a breeze,” she said. As a member of the board, Holly enjoys supporting and promoting the university that made reaching her personal goals possible.

Keri Fritz ’03

Keri Fritz ’03 was elected to the board in 2008. She lives in Atlanta with her husband Peter and works as a Chain Account Executive for MillerCoors. Outside of work she enjoys traveling and taking in new cultures, and in the fall tailgating at football games.

While a student Keri was the recipient of a scholarship to study abroad, an experience that changed her life. By giving back to Eastern she hopes to give another student that same opportunity. “It can be tough to financially support oneself through college and sometimes we need to stop and think about giving back to help the next person.” Eastern prepared Keri for the real world, and even with its many changes, the university remains dedicated to providing a quality education. “Despite the growth Eastern has seen through the years they still manage to keep the classroom size under 40 students, allowing for a more personalized setting to learn.”

Paulette Haines ’94

Paulette Haines ’94 joined the board in 2011. A non-traditional student, she worked through the School of Continuing Education to earn her degree while also balancing family and civic life. “As a member of the Alumni Association Board I can give back to what Eastern has given me, a wonderful education.”

In 2007 Paulette opened Creative Non-Profit Solutions, LLC. Her company assists non-profits with Incorporation and IRS Form 1023 applications, EIN applications, board development and by-laws, grant research and writing, marketing, fundraising, and more. Paulette lives in Marietta, GA with her husband Larry. She loves to read, swim and spend time with friends, clients, and her three dogs and two cats. When she returns to Eastern, Paulette is struck by the changes. “I get lost on campus now when I drive through!”

Dr. Bertram Nussbaum ’63

Dr. Bertram Nussbaum ’63 began his board tenure in 2008. As a student, the New Jersey native blossomed under Eastern’s supportive atmosphere. Now a semi-retired educator, Bert has a doctorate in educational leadership and worked for 29 years as a teacher, counselor and middle school principal. “I feel very strongly that I have Eastern to thank. Being on the Alumni Board is one small way in which I can pay back the university,” said Bert. “Working with the other board members and being associated with the staff and meeting with the students and other alums is a very rewarding experience.”

Bert lives in Florida with his wife Judi and their two rescue felines, Oscar and Felix. He volunteers for various charities and local organizations, supervises student teachers at Florida Atlantic University, and teaches a course to adults with chronic health conditions developed by Stanford University entitled “My Health, My Life.”

Maribel Sanchez ’04

Maribel Sanchez ’04 was elected to the board in 2011 and currently holds the position of board secretary. She lives in Hartford and works as the Program Advisor for the University of Connecticut Educational Talent Search Program.

“It means so much for me to be able to give back to Eastern as a board member. Eastern was my foundation. The experiences that I had, specifically through the STEP/CAP program, are the reason that I chose to go into higher education.” Maribel is avid about equal access to higher education and has been working to create opportunities for first generation students since graduating from Eastern. She continues to advocate for these students through her job with UConn and as a member of the Alumni Board. “I enjoy being on the board because I get to feel like I am still connected to Eastern. I feel like I am part of all the wonderful changes that are happening.”