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Alumni Profiles

Jeff Sizer ’80

I attribute much of my professional and personal success to the people at Eastern, the campus environment, and the many opportunities presented, including the opportunity to play basketball. In addition, I met my wife Brenda Coffey (Sizer), also an Economics major, at Eastern.

We are proud parents of two fine young men now 26 and 23. Our oldest, Dan, works in Dubai after graduating from South Carolina University in International Finance and Spanish. Our youngest son, Chris, is in his senior year at West Virginia University, majoring in marketing.

I started a career at Combustion Engineering in 1980. We have relocated with the company several times including moves to Ottawa, Ontario, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, for career opportunities and lifestyle experiences. Today, I manage our Boiler Service Division in North America as a Vice President of Alstom Power Inc. My strong educational experience and team activities at Eastern, along with a zest for life, helped prepare me for my travels with the company around the world.

In particular, I remember and appreciate Dr. Kenneth Parzych’s passion for teaching economics and compassion for students. It was one of many reasons I chose Economics as a major. Dr. Parzych also supported the Internship program at Connecticut Bank and Trust in Hartford, which provided me with a good practical preparation for the real world. I hope to re-start an internship program between Eastern and Alstom Power in Windsor this spring.

Jeff Sizer
Managing Director
Alstom Power Inc.
Boiler Service Division