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Alumni Profiles

Dr. Francis Y. Falck, Jr. ’75

Dr. Francis Y. Falck, Jr. ’75 is an ophthalmologist/cataract surgeon and director of Falck Eye Center, LLC, of Waterford and Mystic. After graduating from Eastern and working for a while, Dr. Falck began graduate school at the University of Michican, where he was enrolled in a combined M.D./Ph.D. program. At that time there was a group of eye specialists in his department working for the World Health Organization studying the prevalence of world blindness and how to prevent it. Dr. Falck was invited to get involved, and when he went into the operating room with one of the study participants he had an epiphany. “I said, ‘this is what I want to do.’”
Dr. Falck credits Eastern for preparing him to become a physician. He felt his education was thorough, extensive and broad-based. “It helped give me a strong science background and prepared me for becoming a physician. I didn’t struggle at all going through medical school because I had a good scientific foundation at Eastern.”

What Dr. Falck loves most about his occupation is being in a situation where he can contribute to the quality of someone’s life. “This morning I did ten operations on people who have visual impairment. When they come in tomorrow for a post-operative visit they will be seeing substantially better. They can see their grandchildren better; they can participate in life better.”

For students who are considering entering his field, Dr. Falck suggests being exposed to as many experiences as possible. “Do not choose a career for the money,” he adds. “If you want to pursue a career in medicine, be prepared for the fact that it’s a long, challenging road and your commitment will be tested multiple ways.”

He has been honored recognized for his expertise and innovation with numerous awards. Perhaps the most prestigious was his being named the “2010 Man of the Year in Medicine and Healthcare” at the World Forum that year, a recognition for his milestone work developing diagnostic technology to be used worldwide to prevent blindness and stroke.