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David Bosso ’97

When David Bosso ’97, a social studies teacher at Berlin High School, was named Connecticut’s 2012 Teacher of the Year, he felt honored to be recognized for doing what he loves. His dedication to teaching has taken Bosso around the world, expanding his global understanding and increasing the impact that he has on his students.

“I enjoy working with my students, watching them grow, and knowing that I played a part in enhancing their understanding of the world around them.” Bosso has traveled to Ghana, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Egypt and Israel, working with teachers and students to better understand the culture and educational system of each country. Through his travels and time in the classroom, Bosso has been able to build on his Eastern education.

“I have come to appreciate what I learned at Eastern even more so as I have grown as a professional.” Eastern’s education program helped Bosso gain a better understanding of curriculum development, assessment and instructional strategies. Through the history department, Bosso gained a thorough background on the content that he teaches. “I occasionally refer to my course notes from over 15 years ago.”

In addition to teaching in the classroom, Bosso presents on teaching practices, classroom management and technology and serves on the board of directors of the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies. He was named the 2012 National Council for the Social Studies Outstanding Secondary Social Studies Teacher of the Year. As Connecticut’s Teacher of the Year, Bosso has been able to advocate for his profession and has met and worked with Teachers of the Year from other states. “My work with other teachers has once again reinforced my belief that teachers are amazing people who do incredible work every day.”

Bosso has a master’s degree in history from Central and a master’s in educational computing and technology from the University of Hartford. “I entered the teaching profession at the age of 22, and I felt confident in many of my skills as a teacher. I have grown and learned much since then, but I believe that my time at Eastern was valuable.”