Transfer Compact Program

Transfer Compact Program

Eastern Connecticut State University has formed a transfer compact agreement with all 12 Connecticut Community Colleges which will benefit you if you are planning to enroll at Eastern after you finish your associate degree. Beginning your college education at any of the Connecticut Community Colleges and then completing your education at Eastern makes it easy for you to outline your path to success.

Who is eligible?

The Transfer Compact is designed for students who fit the following profile:

  • Students who are planning to earn associate’s degree from one of the 12 Connecticut Community College . (In 5 years or less.)
  • Students who have decided to pursue bachelor’s degrees at Eastern. Beginning within two years of completing associate’s degree.
  • Students who have earned fewer than 15 college credits at the time of application.


Advantages of the Transfer Compact

  • Students participating in the Compact are guaranteed unconditional admission to Eastern upon successful completion of their associate’s degree with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Specific academic and professional programs may have additional admission requirements.
  • In addition to joint admission, Transfer Compact students receive academic advising from both community college and Eastern advisors to ensure courses taken at the community college will most easily transfer and apply toward their Eastern degree.
  • Transfer Compact students are given options for preference registration when entering Eastern.
  • Transfer Compact students enjoy a smooth transition to Eastern because they know their classes will transfer, they have met regularly with Eastern staff while at the community college, and they have become familiar with Eastern’s academic policies.

No worries about admission, transfer credits, or course selection. They are all part of the benefits of the Compact.


Why you should participate!

  • Beginning your education at a community college is a convenient and affordable way to meet your educational goals.
  • You can apply to both the community college and Eastern Connecticut State University at the same time. The admission application process is streamlined. By completing the one-page Transfer Compact application and submitting Eastern’s application fee along with your community college application you receive joint admission to both institutions. Upon completion of the associate degree, you are granted admission to Eastern.


Becoming part of the Transfer Compact is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Complete the application for admission to one of the Connecticut community colleges and submit it along with the $20 application fee directly to the community college.
  • Submit an official copy of your high school transcript or GED and copies of transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities.
  • Submit a completed Transfer Compact application and Eastern’s $50 application fee directly to the community college along with your community college application materials.

That is all you need to do! The community college personnel will review your application and send it to the Office of Admissions at Eastern. You will be notified by Eastern. Students accepted for the Transfer Compact meet with both community college and Eastern advisors throughout their continuous enrollment at the community college.


Contact Information

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity.