Individualized Major

Individualized Major

A student planning to pursue an Individualized Major must:

  • Develop a Plan of Study that consists of at least 36 credits in two or more disciplines
  • Select two faculty advisors (one from each of the disciplines in which most credits will be obtained, as outlined by the proposed Plan of Study) to supervise the student’s progress until completion;
  • Submit the proposed Plan of Study for review and approval signature to:
    1. his/her Faculty Advisors;
    2. Department Chair of each department in which the student is taking 15 or more credits towards the major;
    3. to the Dean of his/her School who will forward the original to Registrar’s Office.
  • In the event revisions or changes are required, the student must file an Amendment/Substitution Form to the Individualized Major Plan with signatures of faculty advisors and the Dean.

The Dean informs the student of whether the plan of study has been approved and of any modifications recommended by the reviewers, before the end of the semester following submission of the proposed plan of study.

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Individualized Major Plan
Amendment/Substitution form to Individualized Major Plan