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All Eastern students must successfully complete appropriate Liberal Arts curriculum courses in mathematics and writing as part of their bachelor degree program requirements.  Students are placed in math and writing courses appropriate to their skill level at the time of enrollment at the University. 



Students are notified of their math placement after admission to the university. We strongly recommend students placed in MAT 099, to STUDY and register to take the Accuplacer test. If your Accuplacer test results place you in a higher course, your math course placement will be changed accordingly. For information on the Accuplacer test, please visit the mathematics placement information website.

The link below is a sample test that will help you prepare for the Accuplacer test. This sample test is closely related to the types of questions on the Accuplacer Test http://www1.easternct.edu/mathematics/department-index/mathematics-placement-information/#questionTen


Transfer students who have taken the equivalent of MAT 099 with a C- or above, may register for the appropriate LAC Math requirement. Transfer students who have taken a course equivalent to MAT 135/135P (Math for Liberal Arts), MAT 155 (PreCalculus), MAT 139P (Number Systems) or MAT 243( Calculus I) have already completed their LAC Math requirement. Submit an official transcript(s) for any transfer credit coursework with a C- or above.


For questions regarding Eastern’s mathematics placement test process, contact Mr. John Tyszka, Coordinator of Math Placement Testing and Compliance Services at tyszkaj@easternct.edu or Ms. Damali Abbensetts Professional Advisor, at abbensettsd@easternct.edu

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All first year students must be placed in an appropriate English course before registering at Eastern. See below for information on how students are placed.


For FALL 2014 or later


Student entering Eastern during the Fall 2014 semester and beyond will be placed into an appropriate first-year writing course based on two possible factors, SAT scores and placement essay tests.


1. Students whose SAT Critical Reading Scores are 430 or below will automatically be placed in ENG 100P.

2. Students whose SAT Critical Reading Scores are 520 or above will automatically be placed in ENG 100.

3. For students whose SAT Critical Reading Scores are 431 to 519, a placement essay is required and must be completed between April 1, 2014 and May 8, 2014.


After the placement essays are reviewed, students will be placed in either ENG 100P or ENG 100 and will take the course during the following spring semester.*


* Note that approximately half of Eastern first-year students will take the first-year English course in the fall and the other half during the following spring. There is no negative or positive association with taking the course in either semester.


For questions regarding Eastern’s writing placement test process, please contact Writing Program director Dr. Rita Malenczyk (malenczykr@easterenct.edu), or Ms. Damali Abbensetts, Professional Advisor (abbensettsd@easternct.edu).

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