Eastern's Home Page
Online Transfer Information Technology 2013-2014

Visit Eastern’s Student Portal Page: http://www.easternct.edu/portal/

Your eastern e-mail is: username@my.easternct.edu



Eastern Alert Part 1

    • “Eastern Alert Login” link on the student portal page
    • Please wait to receive an email with instructions. The waiting time for the email may vary between 15 to 30 minutes.

Eastern Alert Part 2

    • Paste the password you were e-mailed in to the password box.
    • When entering contact information pick to receive a text message or voice call. Only enter one of these options, or you will receive a text and a call at the exact same time saying the exact same thing.
      • If you are living on campus you may not want to enter a home phone number because, will your parents really want a call letting them know Eastern has a snow day?
      • When setting the graduation date you may want to set it for December after the year you are expecting to graduate, just in case you are here a little longer than expected.

E-Web Online

    • Click on the E-web tab-> “login” link
    • Enter Student ID number and a pin number. The default pin number is your birthday in month-month, day-day, year-year format. If you cannot logon, hit forgot and there may be a security question set up that you can answer. If not, you can call the help desk at (860)465-4619 to have your pin number reset.
    • If this is your first time using e-web, once you log on you will be asked to reset your pin. The new pin must be SIX Numbers.
    • Then pick out a security question & answer. The answer is not case sensitive.


    • Go to student services -> Registration -> Concise student schedule
    • From the student concise schedule click link on bottom “textbook information” & go to bookstore. You can buy them directly through the bookstore or also see the ISBN# if you would like to get your books somewhere else like eBay, amazon, or half.com