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Faculty Introductions


Dr. Toedt is a professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics and coordinator of the Bachelor of Science Biochemistry Major in the Department of Physical Sciences at Eastern Connecticut State University. Dr Toedt holds a BS in Biochemistry, a MS in Biotechnology, and a PhD in Biophysics. His research interests include the biophysical characterization of biomacromolecules by various biochemical and biophysical techniques including analytical

ultracentrifugation. He has also worked on proteomic studies investigating the structure, physical characterization, and function of hypothetically unknown proteins and quantitative examination of variations in protein expression.


The overall focus of my research is directed towards developing antimicrobial agents by focusing my attention on understanding microbial pathogenesis in human viral diseases and the host-virus interactions leading to the establishment and maintenance of a specific disease. Specifically, my laboratory has been interested in elucidating the factors or conditions influencing the initiation, establishment and maintenance of human herpes simplex virus latent infection and its (virus) subsequent reactivation under the appropriate conditions. My laboratory is also involved in the evaluation of newly synthesized derivatives of tetracycline to determine their efficacy in the control of microbial agents. Additionally toxicity studies and cellular absorption properties of newly synthesized antiviral agents is also being undertaking in my laboratory. Current ongoing research in my laboratory involves the elucidation of pharmacoactive anti-infectives from tropical plants. My research is evaluating some selected locally known herbal plants for their potential activity to control inflammation and viral infections. Additionally I am also evaluating organically synthesized molecules for their antiviral and antimicrobial activity. Ultimately, my strategy is to use our understanding of the virus-host interaction to develop an effective antiviral therapy (active drug or vaccine therapy) to combat the spread of herpes simplex virus infection.


Dr. Koza is a professor of chemistry and maintains the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility at Eastern Connecticut State University.  He holds a  Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Rhode Island and did his post-graduate work at Tufts University Medical School.  His research interests include the isolation and structure elucidation of novel anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds as well as total synthesis of complex molecules using contemporary synthetic methodologies.


After graduating with my undergraduate degree, my first job in science was in a research lab studying stem cells. I have been fascinated by stem cells (and research) ever since! My training in stem cell biology was initiated in Toronto, ON –where stem cells were first discovered – in addition to performing my postdoctoral research at Yale University. My expertise in stem cells comes from a variety of tissues including the blood, the neural crest and the nervous system. My research interests currently lie in i) nervous system development and neurogenesis -how to produce new neurons; and in ii) incorporating undergraduate students into research programs to excite the next generation of researchers!


Meredith Metcalf has a diverse background in the natural sciences with degrees in Geology and Geophysics and Natural Resources and the Environment, both of which are from the University of Connecticut and grounded in the area of hydrogeology. Her research interests in mapping bedrock and analyzing ground water sustainability, ground water quality, and ground water flow patterns in fractured rock have provided her with a strong background in geographic information systems. She joined the Department of Environmental Earth Science in the Fall of 2011 and has taught Geographic Information Systems, Advanced Geographic Information Systems, and GIS Applications in Environmental Science. Her diverse background is also observed in her teaching as she has taught courses in the disciplines of Geology, Environmental Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Computer Science.


Dr. Anita N. Lee is an Associate Professor in Health and Physical Education at Eastern Connecticut State University. Her research interests are in measurement and evaluation of physical activity and exercise science, research methods and design in exercise science, and physical activity and public health. Dr. Lee’s peer-reviewed scholarly presentations frequently feature at the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) national convention, Eastern District AAHPERD (EDA) convention, Connecticut Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CTAHPERD) conference, and the National Coaching Conference (NCC) hosted by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). She is also an active academic journal reviewer of the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (JOPERD), Journal of Exercise and Sport Fitness, Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science, Sport Exercise, and Performance Psychology, and Journal of Coaching Education.

        Dr. Lee served as the Chair of Research Committee at EDA, Chair of the Measurement and Evaluation Council at the American Association of Physical Activity and Recreation (AAPAR), and Portfolio Review Coordinator of the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE). She is an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist (PAPHS), Certified Health Fitness Specialist (HFS), and certified Group Exercise Leader (GEL). Dr. Lee earned the Bachelor of Arts (Honor) in Physical Education and Recreation Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University, Master of Science in Recreation Management and Doctor of Physical Education at Springfield College, Massachusetts.

        Dr. Lee has coached collegiate swimming for eight years, first at Springfield College for the men’s and women’s team, then at Plymouth State University, where she assist the teams to many successful seasons. Dr. Lee is a life member of the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA). She is also an American Red Cross certified Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, Water Safety Instructor Trainer, CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer and First Aid Instructor. Prior to her graduate studies, Dr. Lee was a competitive swimmer and triathlete in Hong Kong, a member of the Hong Kong National Junior Triathlon Squad, two time delegate to the Asian Triathlon Championships, and qualified for the World Triathlon Championships in 1991. She was also the finalists of Hong Kong National Swimming Championships and Hong Kong Intercollege Swimming Championship for multiple times.