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The Advising Center provides a variety of advising and academic support services for full-time undergraduate students and incoming First-Time and Transfer students. Under Eastern’s dual advising model, first-time students with less than-45 credits, transfer students with fewer than 30 credits, STEP/CAP participants and student-athletes are assigned to both a faculty and professional  advisor. The Center educates students about their academic responsibility; academic programs, policies and procedures, integrating available resources at the University, and strategies for addressing their academic and personal concerns. In addition, the Center collaborates with the various academic departments to coordinate the University’s faculty advising system.





Contact Information
Advising Center
J Eugene Smith Library, Room 109B
83 Windham St
Wilimantic, CT 06226
phone number(860) 465-4526
fax number(860) 465-5280

Advising Center Director:
Susan Heyward
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Fall 2017 semester: