IB Equivalency


International Baccalaureate Course Equivalency


Students may be granted college credit for the IB courses taken at the High Level only. The following chart lists the IB subjects accepted at Eastern Connecticut State University and the amount of credit that may be awarded. IB credit awards are similar to transfer credit in that they are not calculated into the student’s cumulative grade point average.

Please note that the chart represents a general outline of IB credit. In all cases, credit is available only for the courses completed at the High Level with grades of 5 or higher.


IB CourseGradeEastern EquivalentCredits
Visual Arts HL5, 6, 7ART 1003
Biology HL5, 6, 7BIO 1154
Business and Management HL5, 6, 7BUS 2013
Chemistry HL5, 6, 7CHE 210, 2124
Computer Science HL5, 6, 7CSC 1003
Economics HL5, 6, 7ECO 2003
English A1 HL5, 6, 7ENG 1003
French B HL5, 6, 7FRE 1103
Geography HL5, 6, 7GEO 1003
History of the Americas HL5, 6, 7HIS 1203
History of Europe HL5, 6, 7HIS 1163
Mathematics HL5, 6, 7MAT 1013
Music HL5, 6, 7MUS 1003
Physics HL5, 6, 7PHY 2044
Psychology HL5, 6, 7PSY1003
Social Anthropology HL5, 6, 7SOC 1003
Spanish B HL5, 6, 7SPA 1103