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E-Web: Eastern’s Online Services
Online Admission Features

E-Web is Eastern’s Online Services. Admission self-service options available to students through E-Web are:

  • Apply for admission.
  • View the status of your application for admission.
  • Accepted students can pay tuition (required) and housing deposits.

Listed below are instructions on “How to: LOGIN” to the secure area of E-Web to access Personal Information and Student Services.

Click here:

Note: Do not bookmark the E-Web homepage. When upgrades to software are done, addresses change behind the scenes and you will get an error.

To display the login page below click Login – Access Secured Area of E-Web link. Enter your Eastern ID and PIN. Click Login.

screenshot of the login screen

You have been assigned an 8-digit Eastern ID. Your letter of acknowledgement from Eastern’s Office of Admissions includes your Eastern ID. Your PIN is initially set to your date of birth in the format mmddyy. For example, if your date of birth is January 4, 1988, your PIN is 010488. The first time you login, you will be prompted to change your PIN. Your new PIN must be six numeric digits.

Please Note: If for some reason, your birthday was not on file at the time of your PIN creation, your PIN will be the last six digits of your Eastern ID.

If you need assistance logging in, please contact the Help Desk at (860)465-4346.

Enter a Security Question:
You will be prompted to enter a security question and answer. If you forget your PIN, this will enable you to change your PIN and gain access to your information.

screenshot of the security question screen
In the future, if you forget your PIN, enter your ID and click the ‘Forgot PIN’ button. You will be prompted with this security question. Type the answer exactly as you typed it when creating the security question and answer (case sensitive). You will then be prompted to change your PIN.

Logout: Exiting Web for Student
It is very important to remember to exit and close your browser. To exit, click the word EXIT in the upper right corner of your screen.

Questions regarding your admission application should be directed to:
Office of Admissions – (860) 465-5286