Kayla Labrecque ’19

Favorite Eastern Memory: My favorite memory at Eastern is winning the LEC regular season conference championship three years in a row! 
What are you Involved in on campus?  I work in the Kinesiology & Physical Education department, I’m on the women’s Soccer team, and I’m on the Executive Board of the KPE/SLM club.
Hometown: West Hampton, MA

Linnea Reich ’20

Favorite Place on Campus: My favorite place on campus is the Fine Arts building because it’s a beautiful, new building that I get to spend a lot of time in due to my major in Visual Arts.
Why Eastern?  I chose Eastern for the soccer program, variety of programs within my interest, and because it is a great value.
Hometown: Middletown, CT

Adam Murphy ’18

Favorite Eastern Memory: My favorite memory at Eastern has been a culmination of my classroom learning about Indonesia, which greatly enriched my experience studying abroad in Indonesia in the Summer of 2017. The skills and knowledge gained in the classroom were complimented by the experience of experiencing a new language and culture. 
Hometown: Meriden, CT

Jasmin Rodriguez ’21

Why Eastern?  I chose Eastern because of the great things I’ve heard about the CARE program for the Elementary Education major. 
Favorite Class Taken: 
I’m not much of a Biology fan, but this semester taking Human Biology with Professor Tenney was worth it. She cares for her students and creates a comfortable and enjoyable environment within her class.

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Michael Theriault ’19

Favorite Eastern memory so far? Running my first Campus Activity Board event because it really marked the beginning of my involvement on campus.
What are you involved in? I am an entertainment coordinator for CAB and this summer I was also a Student Orientation Counselor. I am also a member of the Senior Class Committee.
Hometown: Southington, CT

Paige Matheson ’19

Favorite class taken: My favorite class I have ever taken here at Eastern was Fundamentals of Theatre Design. I love theatre and to learn about design technics by looking at current shows was such an amazing experience. I don’t think I can find a class where I get to stage my own production of Hamilton anywhere else!
Hometown: Colchester, CT

Jamie Daly ’18

Favorite class taken: My favorite Class taken at Eastern was Play and Social Development for the Early Childhood Education major! It was such a fun class with a great professor and it included a field experience!
Hometown: Stamford, CT

Jenilee Antonetty ’20

Why Eastern? I chose Eastern because of the atmosphere. Going in as an Visual Arts Major, the new fine arts building was super exciting. I also was excited to join the Women’s Swim Team!
What are you involved in? The Women’s Swimming Team, Visual Arts Club, and Student Ambassadors.
Hometown: Norwich, CT

David Noel ’21

What are you involved in on campus? I am Involved with the soccer program here at Eastern, I just completed my freshman season, and it was a great experience being able to play for great coaches and teammates, while representing Eastern at the same time.
Hometown: Armonk, NY