Undergraduate Psychology Internship

Internship for Psychology Majors

Each semester, the OAS seeks out undergraduate Psychology majors to work as interns with Eastern’s students with disabilities. Interns act as Peer Mentors in the Peer Mentoring Program, a program that assists students with ASD and other disabilities in developing social skills and transitioning to the college environment. Interns also provide support to students through the Eastern Prep Program, which assists students with AD/HD and other disabilities in transitioning and adjusting to the academic environment within a college setting. The Eastern Prep Program focuses on topics including time management, organization, and study skills. The internship also includes research assignments and outreach efforts, that can be adapted to the intern’s particular interests.
Please read the program descriptions below:

Peer Mentoring Program
Eastern Prep Program

Statements from OAS Interns

Because of this program, I have become a much more compassionate and considerate human being.


OAS has given me the opportunity to work as a peer mentor to students with ASD. I was able to connect with individuals and teach them how to succeed socially and academically. But most importantly, they all taught me something as well: the power of kindness and friendship.


Ever since being a peer mentor, I have realized I changed as a person. I am more understanding to others, and more aware of ASD in the college population. During employment, we were asked to inform the campus about not only the struggles of students with ASD, but also the rewarding experience we receive from interacting with these students. This program has helped me understand how harmful stereotyping can be, not only to an individual’s feelings, but also to our own personal growth.

If you are interested in applying for this internship, please send your résumé to Jennifer Boylan at boylanj@easternct.edu.