Student Statements about the Services of the OAS

Student Statements:
OAS Services


“The Office of AccessAbility Services has been very beneficial for me both academically and personally in the one semester that I have been a student here at Eastern and I know they will continue to be beneficial until I graduate.”

“With the help of OAS I am able to focus on my academics rather than focus on what I would have needed to take care of myself.”

“If it wasn’t for the Office of AccessAbility Services, I would not have been able to get everything done that I have accomplished at Eastern Connecticut State University.”

“Without the help of the OAS, I would have been unable to complete my work to the best of my ability.”

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that I have my accommodations.”

“Having the Office of AccessAbility Services as an option for students with a disability such as myself is so great and I am very thankful for them. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my life at Eastern as much as I do without the help of the OAS.”

“The Office of AccessAbility Services has allowed me to pursue my studies in a more meaningful and positive light.”

“The Office of AccessAbility Services has given me back my confidence to pursue my education.”

“Before I was always sad because I knew that I wanted to be a teacher, but I did not think that I would make it through school due to my disability. Now I look at my disability in a whole new light. Now, I will never let anything keep me from my dreams of being a teacher.”

“As an incoming junior transfer student in the Fall 2014 semester, I was at a loss as to how I would cope with my disability here. I knew I would be placed in transfer housing and would have a whole new set of professors that I had to tell my story to and hope they understood. Then I found out about OAS and, it may sound corny, but it was a huge weight off my shoulders.”

“Without supportive services, throughout my academic career – but particularly in college – my talents and dreams may well have gone unrealized.”

“The Office of AccessAbility Services has helped me tremendously during my first year of college.”

“Because of my accommodations, I have been able to live more comfortably away from home.”

“Partly because of the tremendous support of the Office of AccessAbility Services, my 3.92 GPA is one of the highest at Eastern Connecticut State University.”

“AccessAbility Services completely reframed my approach to my college journey, as I now know that whatever effort I invest, whatever knowledge I obtain, and whatever skills I develop, my grades will mirror that dedication and not suffer due to a disability that is out of my control.”

“The Office of AccessAbility Services has allowed me the chance to let my true academic abilities shine through.”

“I think the OAS is an amazing tool that many students aren’t aware of.”

“With help from the OAS, I have been able to be less stressed and confident about the work I put into school and am overall a happier person knowing I am not alone. It has given me the extra support most students are looking for, but aren’t always able to find.”

“The OAS was there for me from the moment I was accepted to ECSU and I continue to rely on it to stay a prosperous student.”

“The OAS has also given me the ability to be a note-taker for other students and to give back. It is empowering to be disabled and yet provide a service to others who are in a similar situation and know that my contribution is truly helping someone.”

“The Office of Accessibility Services has been beyond helpful during my time here at Eastern. I would not be succeeding the way I am today without them.”

“I have been able to prosper as a student and a person thanks to the help of the OAS, and am getting one step closer to my future every day.”

“I have overcome many obstacles due to the Office of AccessAbility Services.”

“The Office of Accessibility Services has been beyond helpful during my time here at Eastern. I would not be succeeding the way I am today without them.”

“I appreciate this service that Eastern supplies to their students because each individual deserves an equal chance at obtaining their own success.”

“The OAS name alone made me feel like this department was put there to help me through.”

“Previously, no matter how highly I thought of my friends that had a disability, when I was given a diagnosis I felt labeled, and as though my degree wouldn’t mean as much. But this all changed when I registered with the center and realized no matter the accommodation, the work was still all my own and I earned every grade I received.”

“The most important thing I have learned is about advocating for myself. This is a skill that will help me before and after graduation, and working in the career of my choice.”

“The OAS office has helped me when I needed it most; without the OAS I would not still be in school and graduating in one year.”

“As an incoming freshman the Office of AccessAbility has confirmed my decision for attending Eastern.”

“I can guarantee the next person who uses the OAS will have a better time at Eastern Connecticut State University, academically and socially.”

“Unfortunately, society often looks down upon those with psychological or physical disabilities, and stereotypes them as not being as capable. Thankfully, services such as OAS realize that everyone is capable; some just have different obstacles to overcome.”

“Due in part to the AccessAbility office, and taking advantage of the resources available, I unlocked my true potential.”