Student Statements about OAS Staff

Student Statements:
OAS Staff


“Personally, the OAS staff made me feel comfortable and I was able to confide in them if I had any concerns or questions.”

“The OAS staff are very patient and kind. Every time I walk into the office I feel welcomed and respected.”

“I am honestly so grateful for OAS and the wonderful staff that have made my transition here and my disability so much easier to handle!”

“OAS staff help me with a lot of challenges that have come my way. I had the opportunity to meet with someone and talk about school things and personal things which helped me so much. Feeling like I had someone that cared about me help me focus more on school.”

“The amount of respect I have received at the center and the friendly acceptance I receive when I walk in the door has made a large difference in the way I thought of my diagnosis.”

“The staff has always been there for me, even if it was just to answer a question through email. They are prompt and have made my experience at Eastern amazing.”

“The Interim Coordinators have been supportive to me personally by comforting me and letting me know that we would find a way to make it through the tough times I have experienced.”

“I truly feel that workers at the office care for not only me but the reasons why I am there and how I want to do better as a student.”

“They have been discreet which was a huge relief for me because I am very private about my disabilities.”

“It is more than just comforting to know that I have someone ‘in my corner,’ ready and willing to fight for me and the things I legally deserve when there is an issue.”

“From day one, OAS has been there to work with faculty to ensure that I could continue my education with less difficulty.”

“I feel comfortable going to them in my time of need, and I know they are always very understanding of any situation.”

“Jennifer Boylan and the former interim director have been supportive to me personally as well by comforting me and letting me know that we would find a way to make it through the tough times I have experienced with my disability.”

“I know that I always have the option to head to the office with any problem I might be having regarding my disabilities.”

“My OAS advisors and my professors were able to help me succeed every step of the way.”

“During my intake meeting they have been very receptive of understanding my needs and potential accommodations to help me succeed.”