Student Statements about Letters of Accommodations

Student Statements:
Working with Professors


“The Letters of Accommodations process is a fantastic way for me to alert my professors that I am granted accommodations and they didn’t need to know the reason for the accommodation. It enabled me to receive the services while the professor still recognized me as the hardworking and dedicated student I am.”

“Giving the student the responsibility of getting the Letters of Accommodations signed by their professors opens the doorways for communication.”

“Being able to approach my new professors the first day of class with a Letter of Accommodation has made me more independent and has helped me speak up for my educational needs.”

“Personally, receiving accommodations from the Office of Accessibility has caused me to be more open about my disability. It started off slowly, I told one professor, and received an incredible amount of support. I realized that I didn’t have any reason to be ashamed of my disability.”