Student Statements about Eastern Prep and the Peer Peer Mentoring Program

Student Statements:
OAS Support Programs


“The Office of AccessAbility Services (OAS) has helped me with organizational skills, building my self-confidence during class lectures and providing a positive example of how to explain myself more clearly. The OAS has also provided ample opportunities to become self-reliant, work on time management, take advantage of services available at the school.”

“I have gone to a group meeting once a week to help out with time management and many other skills that aided my time during the semester. This has proven me to do better during the semester because it relieved some stress from work and helped me focus more on schoolwork.”

“Ever since I started going to the Eastern Prep meetings, I have been much more organized, confident, and my grades have improved significantly.”

“I attend weekly meetings with an OAS staff member who is extremely helpful and works with me to manage my way though many of the daily tasks and challenges I face.”

“The stress management, test anxiety and healthy habits programs helped me adjust to the college environment.”

“I proactively took full advantage of the services available through the Office of AccessAbility and truly believe they were instrumental for making my freshman year so successful and helped me achieve my personal goal of getting Deans list first semester.”

“Whenever I struggle in a class, I ask the OAS strategies of how I can succeed in my classes. Whenever I need help with my social skills and academics, I always turn to the OAS.”

“What I enjoy the most is learning new social skills from my mentor. I was able to make friends using these skills.”