Special Considerations for Testing Accommodations

Special Considerations for Testing Accommodations


Rescheduling Tests

If a faculty member has to reschedule a test for an entire class (due to weather, material coverage, etc.), the faculty member must provide the same conditions for a student using testing accommodations. If a student is scheduled to take a test at the OAS, the faculty must contact the OAS to reschedule. The OAS staff will try to accommodate the new testing date and time depending upon available space.

If a student was scheduled to take a test at the OAS and has a disability-related need to reschedule, the OAS will consider the request, with the permission of the faculty member. However, the OAS cannot guarantee that space will be available.

Quizzes & Pop-Quizzes

Students are eligible to use testing accommodations on quizzes and pop-quizzes. The OAS staff realizes that this can be a tricky accommodation to provide and will be glad to assist faculty with providing testing accommodations in an appropriate, fair, and inclusive manner. A student should not be penalized for using testing accommodations. Examples of this include the student missing parts of a lecture, the class becoming aware of the student’s status as an OAS-registered student, or the student not having the opportunity to take a quiz.

Communication between the student and faculty member, as well as the student and the OAS will continue to be an important determination as to what will be best for the student, remembering that each may be a unique situation.

Testing for Online Courses

Students taking online timed assessments should be provided the same accommodations as if the test were given by pen and paper. Professors of online courses will be emailed the student(s) Letters of Accommodations.

Take-Home Exams

Generally, extended time and other testing accommodations do not apply to take-home exams. Students should be able to complete those assignments on time. In rare circumstances, exceptions have been made, so faculty is encouraged to contact the OAS for guidance.