Registering with the OAS

Steps to Registering with the OAS


Step 1: Submit Documentation

Submit documentation of your disability to the OAS. Documentation Guidelines may be found here. Documentation may be faxed, mailed, emailed, or dropped off.

Step 2: Check your Eastern Email/Schedule the Intake Appointment

After your documentation has been submitted and reviewed by OAS staff, you will receive an email on your Eastern email account. If your documentation is sufficient, an OAS staff member will schedule an intake appointment with you through email.

Step 3: Attend the Intake Appointment

The intake appointment consists of completing paperwork and discussing accommodations. During this appointment, an OAS staff member will discuss the process of requesting and implementing accommodations each semester.

Step 4: Request Accommodations Each Semester

Please note that academic accommodations must be requested each semester, as they do not roll over. OAS staff will discuss this process with you during your intake appointment.

Step 5: Keep Documentation Updated

OAS staff might ask you to submit updated documentation if your documentation if it is not current. Additional information regarding documentation can be found on the OAS website, under “Documentation Guidelines.”


Eligibility for Services Statement
Documentation Guidelines

Contact Information:
The Office of AccessAbility Services
Wood Support Services Building, 2nd Floor
Eastern Connecticut State University
83 Windham Street
Willimantic, CT 06226
Phone: 860-465-0189
Fax: 860-465-0136