Option #2: The Faculty Member Provides the Testing Accommodations

Option #2: The Faculty Member Provides the Testing Accommodations

If a faculty member prefers to proctor his/her own exams, the following guide should be utilized:

Testing Space

Appropriate distraction-reduced settings include conference rooms, private offices, or empty classrooms free from noise. A student should never be required to start a test in one location (i.e. the classroom with other students) and finish the test somewhere else or stay after the class finishes. A student should not miss a class or part of a class as a result of using accommodations. Many faculty members work with their respective departments to find and reserve appropriate testing space.

Rescheduling Tests

If a faculty member has to reschedule a test for an entire class (due to weather, material coverage, etc.), the faculty member must provide the same conditions for a student using testing accommodations.

Rescheduling Tests at the Student’s Request

If a student needs to reschedule a test he or she is taking in a location the faculty member arranged, this change is worked out between the student and the faculty member. A student may need to reschedule a test as a result of his or her disability and the OAS encourages contingency plans be made for such events.

Test Integrity

A student who uses testing accommodations is entitled to take the same test as other students when taking the test at the same time even if the student is taking the test in a different location. If the student is taking the test at a different time than the class, an equal test in the same format may be used. If multiple forms of a particular test are used as part of the regular testing process, any of those forms can be used for students taking the test with accommodations.

In the event that a student has to reschedule or make-up a test he or she previously scheduled, regardless of the use of accommodations, a make-up or alternate form of the test can be given, provided that any other student in the class would also be given this opportunity. If there are concerns about maintaining the integrity of a test, faculty should contact the OAS.

Medical Conditions

Some students have medical disabilities that require attention during a test such as frequent restroom breaks, snacks, drinks, or other medical interventions. A student needing to attend to medical conditions may or may not have additional time on tests as an accommodation per se, but in either case, the student should not be penalized for time taken during a test to attend to medical needs. The need for breaks or other medically-based accommodations will be specified on a student’s accommodation letter.

SCANTRON Accommodation

Some OAS students are not able to use SCANTRON or other types of answer sheets requiring the “bubbling-in” of answers. Faculty can allow a student to write responses directly on a test or a student can request a scribe to assist with filling in the SCANTRON. The student should read his or her answers to the scribe and the scribe bubbles in the responses, double-checking with the student. The student should not be penalized time-wise for this process; however, the student should not be attempting to complete previously unfinished test items during any additional time needed to fill in responses.